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Travel Altar Bag with Custom Artwork

Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

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Travel Altar Bag with Custom Artwork - Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Featuring unique artwork from Canadian tarot artist, author and educator Monica Bodirsky, BDes. This exclusive natural muslin travel altar bag will allow you to tote your ritual tools and cannabis supplies with ease. You won’t be able to find this bag anywhere else!

Monica BodirksyMonica Bodirsky is an artist, author, educator, seer and  rootworking witch. She creates tools that empower and  enable spiritual seekers to explore the realms of the  seen and unseen. She designed The House of  Shadows Lenormand, her first oracle deck to assist with   shadow work and the subsequent healing it can offer.

Her desire to create visibility and foster community  inspired the creation of WITCHfest North Festival of   Arts and Culture in Toronto with programming for the full  month of October. Events include the Toronto Witches’  Ball, divination days, art exhibitions, craft vending, rituals, workshops, and panel discussions. The festival’s vision is to unite witches, pagans, rootworkers, ATRs, wiccans and earth based spiritual practitioners of all ages, beliefs, gender identities, nations and individual points of view to come together as a community to share similarities and celebrate diversity.

You can check out her website and purchase her amazing House of Shadows Lenormand tarot deck here.

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