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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Stash Kit

Stash Kit

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Elevate your smoking and storage solutions with these elegant items for your cannabis experience!


  • Laser Engraved Herb Stash Jar

    • Your glass stash jar is airtight to keep your herbs fresh and potent! The bamboo lid is engraved with a beautiful mountain moon design.
  • Stealth Cookie Herb Grinder
    • This compact and cute cookie grinder represents celebrating the bounty of the fruits of the season and the sweetest of full moons, the ‘Strawberry Moon’. This is an excellent time to work on the connections in your life, romantic or otherwise, by showing affection to your loved ones... perhaps by sharing a joint with them! The lid is even magnetic so it won't open accidentally when using it. Its shark teeth are sharp and cut herbs efficiently.
  • Kush Pink Hemp Rolling Papers
    • These papers are made from rice and organic hemp and are both natural and unbleached. Most importantly THEY ARE PINK! The colour pink represents love, compassion and the understanding of self-love and the love of others.
      Made in France.
      50 leaves per booklet.
  • Hemp Wick Wrapped Crystal

    • Keep butane away from your smokables, candles, or anything else you can think of with this beeswax-drpped hemp wick cord wrapped around a point of clear quartz, by Crystalline Creations. The crystal lends its energy to your smoking or meditation session, reinforcing your intent.
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