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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Yule 2021

Single Sabbat Box: Yule 2021

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Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Yule Sabbat Box:

    • Queen of Hearts Pre-Rolled Cones by Beautiful Burns
      • Queen of Hearts designer pre-rolled cones from Beautiful Burns are made from ultra thin, slow burning natural eco-friendly palm pulp rolling paper that comes from the husk of the palm fruit. Each package of Beautiful Burns pre-rolls contains 8, 98mm long cones. In order to minimize packaging waste, cones are packaged with 4 cones nested inside 4 other cones and colours are plant based. During Yule red can be associated with prosperity, good fortune, and passion. Gold is a colour of prosperity and wealth and is often associated with the winter solstice and the season of the sun.
    • The Eclectic Witch's Book of Shadows: Witchy Wisdom at Your Fingertips
      • A beautiful and abundant source of magical information, The Eclectic Witch's Book of Shadows is perfect for building your practice from the ground up. With an emphasis on personal experience, this guide is modeled on a traditional Book of Shadows but designed with ample writing and sketching space so you can personalize it in a myriad of ways. Featuring color illustrations by artist Mickie Mueller, this must-have book makes it easy and fun to practice Witchcraft your way. Discover invocations, create magical oils and charm bags, and work with a variety of tools like tarot cards, runes, and poppets. Explore the power of scrying, dreams, and the elements. Learn the secrets of kitchen witchery and sabbat feasts. Use this book to enjoy amazing experiences and discoveries in your Craft.
    • Cannawitch Pencil Set
      • What Book of Shadows is complete without some witchy writing tools? Every pencil is mystical. The interplay of light, warm wood encases dark, cool carbon. Cleanse your cannawitch pencils with cannabis smoke and magic your new pencils like you would any other tool, then make it work for you! Make it magic, and then surprise yourself with how much more satisfying it is to use!
    • Green Moon Wax Seal Kit
      • Add an old-world mystique to your spells and rituals with this enchanting Green Moon wax seal and wax kit. Traditionally, wax was used to seal letters and envelopes shut and closed from prying eyes. The uses for these are limited only by imagination: add a seal to your spells, to your rituals as an accent on the page, or even seal your spells closed once complete! Each kit comes with green, red, and gold wax sticks featuring the fleur de lis (a French symbol of perfection, light, and life), a melting spoon, a Green Moon ‘all-seeing canna eye’ stamp with wooden handle, and two candles.
    • corKaya Dry Mouth Mints
      • Peppermint is widely considered to be a masculine with a planetary association of Mercury and an elemental association of fire. It has excellent healing and cleansing properties. corKaya mints were made to help solve a lifetime long problem – the dreaded dry mouth. Known to anyone who has ever smoked, vaped, eaten an edible, suffers from a medical condition, or all of the above, dry mouth sucks. Their goal is to hydrate the world with minty fresh moisture and make sure your quality high stays high-drated! We love popping one during a long winter hike in the woods. corKaya is a female-owned business and a percentage of all of their profits goes to benefit NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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