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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Samhain 2021

Single Sabbat Box: Samhain 2021

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Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Samhain Sabbat Box:

    • King Kut Portable Electric Grinder
      • For the cannawitch on the go! A powerful new way to get your grind on as you make your way to your Samhain celebrations! This cordless electric herb grinder features a stainless steel blade, a clear glass jar, and powerful motor that can quickly grind your materials to a perfect, fluffy consistency. A 1000mAh lithium ion battery provides you with portability so you can grind wherever you want without having to be near a power outlet. The unit even features built-in low battery, overcharge, stuck-motor, and weak current protection to ensure your investment lasts.
    • Halloween Cones
      • This eight-pack of cones celebrates many of the fun things associated with Samhain and Hallowe’en! Each cone features Jack-O'-Lanterns, Purple Witch Hats and Spiderwebs all over.
    • Orchid Calcite Crystal
      • This Orchid Calcite crystal is a combination of two powerhouse crystals: Orange calcite and black tourmaline, which allows it to radiate with extraordinary energies of passion, creativity, courage, protection, and inspiration. Orange calcite will help release feelings of fear and anxiety and will attract uplifting energies and kinship while black tourmaline will keep you feeling safe and grounded. Together, these pieces make an exciting and powerful tool to work with. You can use your Orchid Calcite crystal while practicing Samhain rituals to infuse bonds with spirits and attract protective magic into your life.
    • Skeleton Finger Candles
      • Making death colourful since 2016! These unique handmade creepy candles using moon charged Canadian beeswax and soy wax are great for spell and ritual offerings. The colour purple is useful for anything relating to wisdom, psychic abilities and power which means it can be incredibly helpful for divination. A perfect colour for when the veil is at its thinnest! The colour orange is representative of the fire that burns during the festival of Samhain to help ward off evil spirits while the veil is thin. It also corresponds to the leaves that have changed color and of the harvest itself. Be sure to burn all your candles on a plate or tray designed for candles.
    • Coyote Claw
      • Blessed under a full moon, these coyote claws can aid in divination work and can be great aids in wisdom and protection rituals and spells. The coyote teaches important lessons and its guidance can be hard to harness, but a treasure when secured. When working with this coyote claw, bear in mind that it contains the DNA of every one of its species that walked the earth. Create a positive and respectful relationship with its spirit and it can enhance your witchcraft in many ways. Claws are provided by The Skull Store, which sources their specimens exclusively from sustainable sources, including indigenous peoples, zoological facilities, farms, and old collections.

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