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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Litha 2020

Single Sabbat Box: Litha 2020

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Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Litha Sabbat Box:

  • Pyrography Kitchen Witch Mixing Spoon
    • Bring a little enchantment into your kitchen with this beautiful wooden mixing spoon. The sigil and bindrunes were hand designed, drawn, and burned with intent by the Witches of Green Moon. This ritual spoon is the perfect tool for making magick in the kitchen!
  • Paracanna Zen Zingers Gummy Making Kit
    • Unite your inner Canna-witch and Kitchen Witch with a make your own edible experience! This kit contains everything you need to make 15 perfect gummies: a BPA free mold and dropper, gummy mix with natural colours and flavours, and a packet of finishing sugar to make your treat extra sweet! The Righteous Raspberry flavour is a nice reminder of summer, picking raspberries straight from the vine!
      **Does not include any THC or CBD. Purchase your cannabis additive from a legal source.
  • Organic Lavender and Lemon Peel Herb Jar
    • Lavender is packed with both magickal and mundane uses, so it’s one of the most valuable herbs a witch can have in her kitchen! This cooking-grade lavender is blended with organic lemon peel, a tasty treat that is associated with longevity, happiness, and friendship. You may use this blend to make one of the recipes on our blog, or use it in any ritual or spell!
  • Norval Morisseau Oven Mitt
    • Featuring the classic artwork ‘Flowers and Birds’ by indigenous artist Norval Morrisseau, this fire-resistant oven mitt can offer safe protection for your hand from heat up to 400F. This oven mitt is designed to inspire and liven up any kitchen activities. The artwork demonstrates forms of creation living harmoniously together, celebrating the fundamentals of achieving a balanced and sustainable world.
  • Crescent Moon Cookie Cutter
    • Pay homage to the moon in your kitchen rituals and spellwork, while also making mouth-watering cookies! Baking or cooking is a wonderful way for witches to practice solitary magick. Visit our blog for lavender and lemon moon cookies and other kitchen witch recipes and tips!
  • Juicy J's Strawberry Rolling Papers
    • Love, romance, good luck, and passion are magickal properties of the luscious strawberry and now you can combine that with the healing properties of cannabis! These papers taste like you picked up a box of fresh strawberries, just in smokable form.
  • Crowns Paper Tips
    • Say goodbye to rolling up ugly scraps of paper, soggy seconds when sharing with friends, and smelly roaches that waste your precious bud and say hello to adding a little bit of luxury to your cannabis rituals with CROWNS! Canadian made and printed on FSC Certified, 100% recycled materials, ancient forest friendly, processed chemical-free, and chlorine-free papers.
  • Aunt Zelda Smoking Ring
    • Ever been cooking but need to stop for a cannabis break? Same. Now you can do both at once with this replica of Zelda Spellman’s vintage smoking ring from ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’! A token of elegance and independence, this ring is a symbol of equality and power.

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