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Single Sabbat Box: Litha 2019

Single Sabbat Box: Litha 2019

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Litha, also called Midsummer, takes place on the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. We celebrate the climax of fertility, when the world is teeming with potential that we will harvest in the months to come. This Sabbat is all about the power of the sun, so we included a mini travel altar that lets you take your practice outside!

This mini travel altar is a perfect companion for any weed loving witch on the go! An ideal, portable size, our altar items fit inside our custom travel bag. Not only is it great for travel or outdoor use, it is also a useful set for the discreet weed witch, as it can be pulled out for use at any time, then conveniently packed away.

Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Litha Sabbat Box:

  • Travel Altar Bag with Custom Artwork 
    • Featuring unique artwork from Canadian tarot artist, author and educator Monica Bodirsky, BDes. This exclusive natural muslin travel altar bag will allow you to tote your ritual tools and cannabis supplies with ease. You won’t be able to find this bag anywhere else!
  • Stealth Cookie Herb Grinder
    • This compact and cute cookie grinder represents celebrating the bounty of the fruits of the season and the sweetest of full moons, the ‘Strawberry Moon’. This is an excellent time to work on the connections in your life, romantic or otherwise, by showing affection to your loved ones... perhaps by sharing a joint with them!
  • Amethyst and Lava Bead Mala
    • Made from cheesewood beads with amethyst and lava rock accents. A mala is a string of beads that are used in a meditation practice. You can use it to count mantras, and it acts as a tactile guide as you sit in silence. Amethyst enables spiritual upliftment and effective communication and both stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions. Volcanic lava rock is known for its grounding qualities; it's perfect for calming the emotions as it brings calming but intense energy.
  • Tumbled Tigers Eye Gemstone
    • Tigers eye represents Litha, as it possesses the energies of the earth and sun. This stone was traditionally carried as a talisman to protect against ill-wishes and curses and can be used when facing verbal, mental or psychic attack from those in power. This crystal is often used in prosperity rituals or those designed to attract money.
  • Hand Poured Beeswax Travel Candle
    • Made from pure organic beeswax by the witches of Green Moon, these candles are sprinkled with yellow marigold to represent the beauty of the Sun. The candle also contains rose quartz crystals that radiate vibes of unconditional love and will aid in manifesting closer bonds with friends, family or lovers.
  • Protection & Good Fortune Spell Jar
    • This bottle contains layers upon layers of herbs and gemstones to help draw, maintain, and boost good fortune and protection. Let this mix infuse you with their fortuitous aspects by meditating with or holding and concentrating on your bottle and on its purpose. This bottle will serve as an amplifier and magnet of luck, sending out even more energy and intention into the universe on your behalf.
  • Portable Incense Matches Packet
    • For a quick burst of fragrance light and burn a match like incense. Each book contains 30 strikes, is foil wrapped and burns for approximately 5 minutes. An excellent tool to represent the Air element.
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