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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Lammas 2021

Single Sabbat Box: Lammas 2021

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Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Lammas Sabbat Box:

    • Pollen Press by SharpStone
      • A revolutionary tool that will transform the way you vaporize! Now you can press your pollen, forming a hard cake that will vaporize like pure heaven. Made of extremely durable, and strong aircraft grade aluminum for quality and to maintain its light weight, we love how this SharpStone Pollen Press feels in our hands because it presses with such ease, and feels extremely smooth. To use, simply collect your pollen, remove one weight and put your pollen in the middle. Place the removed weight back in the press and screw the lid closed. For best results, let it sit overnight to allow the pollen to fuse together and form a hard cake, then enjoy!
    • Herbal Smoke Cleansing Bundles by Wild Sparrow
      • Foraged and hand-bound with love and intent in southern Ontario by Wild Sparrow. These stunning herbal smoke cleansing bundles feature powerful summer flowers and herbs including wormwood, yarrow, lavender, and sweet fern. Use to cleanse your space of negativity and invite protection, abundance, and love in and around your home.
    • Organic Lemon Peel
      • A witch's best friend during summer, lemons are bright, bursting with zest, and the perfect magical fruit to add to your magical spells and cleansing rituals. Best used in happiness spells, moon water (lemons have metaphysical associations with both the moon and the element of water!), and kitchen witchery.
    • Luna Sol Tarot
      • Rich in tarot traditions, but with a modern twist, this tarot will gently warm the heart with its soft colour palette and characters that invite you in with delicate vulnerability and a positive embrace. The Luna Sol tarot makes space for everyone, with cards that portray humans of all races and ages, shapes and sizes - a reflection of our beautifully diverse world. A deck that is accessible for all, from beginners to seasoned tarot practitioners, and will help you gain clarity, insight, and new perspectives during these final moments of summer.

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