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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Imbolc 2020

Single Sabbat Box: Imbolc 2020

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Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Imbolc Sabbat Box:

  • Green Moon Protection Spell Powder
    • This powder is hand-ground with a mortar and pestle with intent by the witches of Green Moon. Charge it in sunlight to activate. To get the most out of your protection spell powder, pour the powder on your altar or workspace in a specific pattern or shape to reinforce your intent, or sprinkle some powder in your doorways or in the soles of your shoes.
  • Birch Tree Altar Candle Holder with Glass Votive Holder and Candle
    • A perfect way to honour Imbolc fire on your altar, this handmade rustic votive birch wood holder is made from salvaged logs. It is a tradition at Imbolc to make a Brigit doll from straw and carry it from house to house, gathering blessings along the way. This doll sometimes carries a white wand made of birch, which represents her magical ability to influence storms and climate. Due to their handcrafted nature, holder sizes and shapes will vary.
  • Selenite Pyramid Tower
    • Like a moth, you may find yourself attracted to or even mesmerized by the way light delicately radiates out from this crystal. The ancient Greeks named it selenite, which means “moon”. This tower is a high vibration stone that is ideal for charging crystals, or for healing and energy work. It is a great stone to help quiet the mind and receive mental clarity.
  • Goodwood Poke Necklace
    • The PØKE is a joint for your joint. Ideal for creating the perfect cone and packing all of your product into the paper. Made of sapele mahogany, you can take your PØKE anywhere! Made in Canada.
    • Sequoia Blackberry Sage Mist
      • Inspired by indigenous legends and natural ingredients, this delicious smelling mist features two ingredients that are widely used in herbal medicines. This water-based formula combines the sweet and tart scent of blackberries and herbal tones of sage. Blackberry is also sacred to the goddess Brigid, who is celebrated at Imbolc. Made with 95% natural ingredients. No perfume base. Shake well before using. Spray once or twice on the body as an after shower refresher, or may be used as a fragrant room spray. Sequoia is 100% native owned and operated.
    • Green Jay Pre-Roll E-Lighter
      • Face the powerful winds of winter with the windproof light of the goddess Brigid. A combustion-free solution to lighting your pre-rolls wherever you go. The e-Lighter is a stylish rechargeable lighter with a long-lasting battery that is conveniently charged with a mini USB charging cord (included).
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