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Orijin Thinking Egg Kit

Orijin Thinking Egg Kit

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For centuries and throughout different cultures around the globe, the egg has symbolized life, wealth, and promise. Using natural materials that can work in harmony with the eggs' simple yet captivating symbology and design, the Thinking Eggs can be used as Ostara altar decor, rituals, or simply as a mindfulness reminder to slow down and enjoy the present moment.

  • The purifying and uplifting effects associated with Bamboo are just the pick-me-up we sometimes need. The Bamboo Thinking Egg aids in mental acuity and focus. Bamboo has been used for thousands of years to bolster creativity and can inspire artistic expression.
  • The Lava Stone Thinking Egg is solidified from molten lava and brings intense metaphysical properties of grounding, strength, and stability in times of change. Because of its porous nature, Lava Stone also makes for a great essential oil diffuser: simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and enjoy the therapeutic benefits your Thinking Egg will bring.
  • For hundreds of years, Brass has been used as a natural immune-booster, covering your bases with strong healing and protective effects so that you can go about your day feeling empowered, daring, and gutsy. The combination of Copper and Zinc in the Brass Metal Egg is thought to bring good fortune and abundance.
  • Whenever you're feeling dull or unmotivated, you can depend on the stunning Howlite Stone Thinking Egg, believed to improve memory, spark curiosity, and inspire expression and creativity.
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