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DIY Harvest Corn Dolly Kit

DIY Harvest Corn Dolly Kit

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Harvest Corn Dollies are wonderful representations of the second harvest sabbat of Mabon. Harvest dolls can represent female, male, or non-binary energy, as they represent all forms of fertile life. Place your Harvest Doll in your home, on your hearth, or altar to invite growth and abundance into your household or bury it in a garden or farm to invite harvest abundance for your goals and crops in the year to come. You can also use your Harvest Corn Dolly as a poppet for protection.

Each Corn Dolly Kit comes with:

  • Dried corn husks
  • Swaths of fabric representing the stunning colours of Mabon
  • An apple charm. Apples are a symbol of the second harvest and can represent life and immortality, healing, renewal, regeneration and wholeness.
  • Hemp wick. Use the hemp wick to bind your corn dolly together, and to light your joint!
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