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Divination Kit

Divination Kit

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A dowsing pendulum is a form of divination that is used as a way of gaining insight. The pendulum will pick up on and absorb energies that surround you and accesses the collective consciousness of the Universe. Your pendulum is simply a tool used to amplify answers so that you may see your true path more easily by connecting yourself to the unconscious mind. When we ask a question, our unconscious mind and the energies around us respond by influencing the nerve endings in our fingers causing the pendulum to swing in response. In other words, our body outwardly expresses our inner and universal knowing. Therefore, by responding to spiritual energies, vibrations in the air and ground, and tapping into our inner selves, our pendulums can point us in the right direction when seeking guidance and truth.

For more information on using your pendulum, check out our blog!


  • Chambered Brass Pendulum with Rose Quartz

    • The resealable brass vial is filled with rose quartz. You can add your favourite herbs or stones to infuse this divination tool with energy. With this pendulum, you can communicate with spirits or divine answers. Alternatively, you can use it to gain insight to your true wants and needs.
      Brass is a high energy metal that is used for protection and prosperity. It has a masculine tone and brings out natural good and inner truth, an excellent metal for divination.
      Rose Quartz is a gemstone of the heart and unconditional love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort.
      Paired with the masculine energy of the brass, these feminine crystals and metal vial represent the union between the goddess and god.
  • Black Velvet Pentacle Mat for Divination
    • Used with your pendulum, this simple velvet mat is one of the most useful and powerful tools for a beginning dowser, or can be used to just assist with decision-making and self-insight. The pentacle in the middle of the mat is a symbol of protection.
  • Hand Poured Beeswax Travel Candle
    • Made from pure organic beeswax by the witches of Green Moon, these candles are sprinkled with yellow marigold to represent the beauty of the Sun. The candle also contains rose quartz crystals that radiate vibes of unconditional love and will aid in manifesting closer bonds with friends, family or lovers.
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