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Crystal Kit

Crystal Kit

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Kickstart your crystal collection with this bundle of tumbled and raw gemstones!


  • Amethyst Gemstone Trio

    • Amethyst carry a fiery creative energy, but is also tempered with a sobering, relaxing energy. Amethyst crystals are one of the strongest powers against negative influences in your home or workplace.
      Includes one cluster, one raw, and one tumbled stone.
  • Tumbled Tigers Eye Gemstone
    • Tigers eye possesses the energies of the earth and sun. This stone was traditionally carried as a talisman to protect against ill-wishes and curses and can be used when facing verbal, mental or psychic attack from those in power. This crystal is often used in prosperity rituals or those designed to attract money.
  • Harvest Your Own Quartz Crystal
    • A geode is a rock formation that happens when a pocket of air or gas is gripped and forms a cavity in sedimentary rock. The result? Beautiful crystal deposited in the hollow space. Geodes can symbolize unlimited potential…we simply don’t know what is in one until we break it open… Keep an unopened geode on your altar next to something that represents you to manifest unlimited potential and once it is broken open you can use it in rites that focus on creativity and finding inspiration.
      How to crack it: Place geode inside a paper bag or layers of newspaper, lay it on a sturdy flat surface (like a driveway or workbench) and hit it gently at first then increase strength until geode breaks.
  • Hemp Wick Wrapped Crystal
    • Keep butane away from your smokables, candles, or anything else you can think of with this beeswax-drpped hemp wick cord wrapped around a point of clear quartz, by Crystalline Creations. The crystal lends its energy to your smoking or meditation session, reinforcing your intent.
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