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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Lammas 2020

Single Sabbat Box: Lammas 2020

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Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Lammas Sabbat Box:

  • 24 Karat Handcrafted Gold Pre-Roll Cone
    • Literal treat yo’self luxury, these 24K gold rolling papers are made with the finest edible gold. Resembling the very special golden dawn and dusk moments of late summer, this special cone will burn extremely slow. Be sure to collect your ashes as the gold will leave “gems” in your ashes. Use the ashes in purity, protecting and healing rituals or place in a pendulum chamber for divination enhancement. The cone container also includes 2 Blaze Hemp Blend Cones with custom tip.
  • 12mm Octo-Taster Micro-Dose Inhaler with Silicone Skin
    • Self-love with cannabis never looked so stylish. Enjoy a quick hit of flower with a micro-dose inhaler that you can throw across the room without breaking! The silicone skin is bouncy and shock-absorbent, the pinched mouthpiece acts as an ash catcher, and the cap at the end of the taster keeps your bud in place, making this truly pocketable and portable! The entire silicone skin comes off for easy cleaning! Best used on reflection walks or when needing a little inspiration to complete a project.
  • Pink Posh Fox: Lime + French Green Clay Bath Bomb
    • A much-deserved treat that brings the healing properties of summer into your bath! This all-natural bath bomb handmade by Pink Posh Fox features French Green Clay and the natural aromas of Lime essential oils. Use this bath bomb when you need to take some time alone to nurture your mind and body.
  • Hemp Holy Grail Body Lotion
    • Love the skin you’re in with the holy grail of body moisturizers. Featuring 100% organic Canadian Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) oil, this lotion is best used after a ritual bath with your bath bomb. Its subtle scent has hints of oranges, grape seeds, green tea, chamomile, ginseng, algae, bearberry, coneflower and licorice which encourages a luxurious, relaxing and nourishing experience. The formula is all-natural, paraben and DEA free, cruelty-free, and vegan.
  • Tree Agate Wand
    • The properties of Tree Agate are strongly connected to the growth and well-being of plant life. Tree Agate attracts prosperity and abundance, particularly in the form of bountiful crops. Place in the pot of your cannabis plants to encourage plenty of flower or use as a wand in your prosperity and abundance rituals.
  • Dewbie
    • Our Lammas box is all about self-love and that means giving love to your cannabis stash as well! Introducing the Dewbie, weed’s best friend! Natural, locally sourced, and handmade in Calgary with kiln-fired clay, the Dewbie is a hard yet porous stone that requires only water to recharge! Never smoke or vape harsh, overly dry weed again by rehydrating your cannabis!
  • North Node Rose Facial Oil
    • A signature blend of raw aloe vera, vitamin E oil, yarrow, frankincense essential oil, rose oil, lemon balm and rose petals from North Node Shop, this facial oil protects your healthy glow and can aid in the reduction of dark spots. It can also be used in beauty rituals or love spells.

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