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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Chime Candles and Candle Holder

Chime Candles and Candle Holder

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Harness the power of the colour spectrum into your magic. Candle magic and colour magic are two simple and powerful forms of magic used by witchcraft. Each colour carries different energies and can compliment and amplify your intentions. These chime candles can be one of the most effective tools used for spells, meditation, rituals and other ceremonies. While each colour has general properties, the most important aspect of any spell is YOU. We all relate and draw energies from colours in different ways. Experiment with colours until you find what works best for you. These candles are meant to be charged with your intention, and burnt down completely.

A catch-all for your colour candle magic, our black candle holder is the perfect fit for your chime candles!

Please practice fire safety when burning your candles.

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