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Ceramic Altar and Incense Tray by Moody Jooly

Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Regular price $31.00
Ceramic Altar and Incense Tray by Moody Jooly

A custom-made altar tray by Moody Jooly made exclusively for Green Moon Apothecary. Moody Jooly is a ceramic artist and smokeware designer based in Toronto, who brings ritual and beauty into life's daily habits. Made with intent, your altar tray features beautiful blue flowers in bloom with the customary Green Moon all seeing eye. The altar tray can also be used as a stick incense burner, ashtray, jewelry holder, or whatever you choose!

Each altar tray comes with three honeysuckle incense sticks. Honeysuckle graces many gardens and attracts life to it with its sweet, nectary fragrance and spectacular blooms of pink, ivory, and yellow. When lit as incense it can cleanse a space of negativity and attract love, luck and prosperity.

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