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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Lammas 2019

Single Sabbat Box: Lammas 2019

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Falling between the solar observances of mid-summer and the autumn equinox, Lammas is the celebration of the first harvest of the year and earthly abundances. It is a time for social gatherings, lunar and solar rites, feasting, release and transitions. There are lunar and solar eclipses abound and the majority of our neighbouring planets have commenced a retrograde cycle and you will definitely be able to feel it! It is a time to reap what you sow and bring in new transitions, transformations and growth.

With warm days still ahead, it is hard to believe that the first harvest is right around the corner! The witches at Green Moon have been busy curating this collection of items that will help you celebrate your days in the sun, as well as reflect and prepare for the darker nights ahead.

We hope that you enjoy these items that we’ve hand-picked for the celebration of Lammas and they help you to connect with the power and usefulness of weed witch magick!

Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Lammas Sabbat Box:

  • Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder w/ Sandalwood backflow incenses
    • This lovely Waterfall Ceramic Backflow incense burner is perfect to use during meditation while it gently lets fragrant incense smoke flow down in a cascade movement. Create a dreamy environment and enjoy the peace of this moment as you release your intentions into the world with the smoke. Included are three sandalwood scented backflow incense cones. Sandalwood has a calming, sedative effect and aids in meditation, purification and healing.
      Burning time per cone is 10 to 12 minutes. For best results keep away from drafts.
  • Jack Glass Screens
    • Designed to keep your herb from getting into your pipe stem or mouth, these glass screens have three points plus one point to go into your bowl. The heat-absorbing glass blocks offensive lighter fuel for a cleaner, cool inhale. The reflective glass surface heats the bottom of your herb for a fuller, more robust flavour. Transition from metal screens to these easy to clean and re-usable glass screens! They will not burn through or deteriorate!
      * size and colour may vary because they are handmade
  • Infinite Rope Dichroic Glass Pipe
    • With colours similar to an end of summer sunset, this inside out dichroic glass pipe is lavish in looks and elegant in function. The never-ending rope design creates an infinite loop representing the infinite immortality, continuity, transitions and eternal return of the Wheel of the Year. We begin to harvest this year's bounty the wheel continues to turn and we slowly move into the impending dark as we soak up the final days of summer.
      * size and colour may vary because they are handmade
  • Tasty Buds Gourmet Chocolate – Blueberry Yum Yum Flavor
    • Feast with your fellow witches by offering them these drool-worthy, artisanal chocolate (non-medicated) buds, handcrafted in Vancouver BC that will satisfy anyone's munchie cravings! These gourmet chocolates have flavours that traditionally align with Lammas and the harvest season, featuring a combination of blueberries, organic lemon oil, matcha powder, hemp hearts, rice crispies and fine quality Belgian chocolate.
      Tasty Buds are NOT CANNABIS, they're NOT a medicated edible. They do not contain THC or CBD and do not get you high in any way. They're just extremely delicious.
  • Quartz Crystal Geode
    • Harvest your own quartz crystals this Lammas! A geode is a rock formation that happens when a pocket of air or gas is gripped and forms a cavity in sedimentary rock. The result? Beautiful crystal deposited in the hollow space. Geodes can symbolize unlimited potential…we simply don’t know what is in one until we break it open… Keep an unopened geode on your altar next to something that represents you to manifest unlimited potential and once it is broken open you can use it in rites that focus on creativity and finding inspiration.
      How to crack it: Place geode inside a paper bag or layers of newspaper, lay it on a sturdy flat surface (like a driveway or workbench) and hit it gently at first then increase strength until geode breaks.
  • Tincture & Tonic Apothecary Sencha Herbal Eye Pillows
    • Unwind from a stressful day with these handmade soothing eye pillows. Made from Sencha Tea, Comfrey, Calendula Flowers, Rose Petals and White Sage, these easy to prepare sacks of herbs are divinely scented and perfect to help alleviate tired and puffy eyes. The shape makes it comfortable to fit in the eye sockets for close contact.
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