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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Single Sabbat Box: Beltane 2019

Single Sabbat Box: Beltane 2019

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Beltane is a truly joyful time in the Wheel of the Year. The High Spring celebrations are rooted in exuberance and an almost bawdy revelry as people get back to nature and enjoy earthly pleasures.  The items in our 2019 Beltane box were inspired by new beginnings and celebrating the sweet and sensual.

Items inside the Green Moon Apothecary Ltd. Beltane Sabbat Box:

  • CXBO Honey, Orange & Rosemary Chocolate Bar: Enjoy a sensual delight! Beltane foods include sweets like honey, chocolates and fruit, all of which represent love. This tasty handmade and hand painted chocolate bar is filled with crisped honey, orange and flavour-deepening rosemary in rich milk chocolate.
  • Chambered Pendulum With Rose Quartz: The resealable brass vial is filled with rose quartz. These crystals represent unconditional love, joy, and emotional healing. You can add your favourite herbs or stones to infuse this divination tool with energy. You can communicate with spirits or divine answers with your pendulum.
  • Black Velvet Pentacle Mat for Divination: Used with the pendulum, this simple velvet mat is one of the most useful and powerful tools for a begging dowser, or can be used to just assist with decision-making and self-insight.  The entacle in the middle of the mat is a symbol of protection.
  • Green Moon Custom Herbal Blend: A blend of organic mugwort, damiana, spearmint, mullein, rose and calendula. This custom herbal blend from Green Moon Apothecary can be used to sip, soak, vape or toke as an smoking blend, herbal bath soak, loose-leaf tea or incense.
  • Matchbox Gardens Organic Seed Packets: This selection of plants are great for spellwork, cooking or tea blends. Featuring Lemon Balm, Tulsi Basil and German Chamomile, these seeds are easy to grow whether you have a balcony or a backyard. Matchbox Gardens takes pride in maintaining certified organic status, and in their thoughtful stewardship of the land. You can shop more seeds at Matchbox Gardens here.
  • Her(b) Life Digital Magazine: A magazine focused on celebrating the cannabis experience while promoting inclusivity, diversity, entrepreneurship and all things femme! It doesn't matter whether your a cannabis newbie or a veteran, this magazine has something for you.
  • Kush Pink Hemp Rolling Papers: These papers are made from rice and organic hemp and are both natural and unbleached. Most importantly THEY ARE PINK! The colour pink represents love, compassion and the understanding of self-love and the love of others. Made in France. 50 leaves per booklet.

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