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Green Moon Apothecary Ltd

Laser Engraved Herb Stash Jar

Laser Engraved Herb Stash Jar

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Your glass stash jar is airtight to keep your herbs fresh and potent! The bamboo lid is engraved with a beautiful mountain moon design.

  • AIR TIGHT SEAL – provides a seal that keeps your herbs fresh and odors locked in.
  • LASER ENGRAVED LIDS – With a unique full moon mountain design that won’t scratch or peel. Also the stylish design keeps your stash jar looking different then the rest!
  • JAR CAPACITY – 200ml of storage. Made with non-stick glass.
  • JAR SIZE - diameter 2.5" - height 3.25"
*We've expanded our circle! This product is now available in Canada and the U.S.A. Customers in the U.S.A. are responsible for paying any duties, taxes or customs fees on their purchases.
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