Yule Tidings Sabbat Reflections Playlist

Yule Playlist

Merry Yule Witches!

Traditionally, Yule festivities began on the longest night of the year and then stretched for 12 days. Feasts were had and Yule logs were burned as celebrants rejoiced as the sun began to make its return.

I chose to shorten my celebrations and focus on the Wheel of the Year.  For eight days, I will look back on each Sabbat with a song and do a small ritual that represents what the Sabbat represents, what I am grateful for this past year and my hopes for 2020. You can also choose to listen and reflect all in one day.

FKA Twigs 'Thousand Eyes' to represent Imbolc

Reflect on changes you made this year and how they paved the course for new beginnings. Give gratitude to those that helped you heal and push forward from negativity and look to the future. Write down what you want to improve upon in 2020 on some rolling papers. Roll a joint and smoke it, thinking of your goal. Best served with a cerebral Indica strain like Purple Chemdawg.

Aurora 'Apple Tree' to represent Ostara

We move into an upbeat song as we harness the energy of spring’s life force and new hope.  Wake up before dawn and release a symbol of your burden to the earth by dropping or burying it. Please choose an item that can biodegrade and do not litter.  A bay leaf or paper will work. Turn your back to the item and move towards the sunrise, opening yourself to new possibilities. Best served with an uplifting strain such as Super Lemon Haze.

Octo Octa 'I Need You' to represent Beltane

Beltane’s high energies revolve around sexuality, passion, vitality and joy!  It is also about those “aha!” moments as ideas, hopes and dreams swirl into action.  In this song Octo Octa reads a note of gratitude to her friends, her family, her lovers, her listeners:

“This is for my parents
This is for my lovers
This is for the people I care about in life
For my family
For those who support me
For those who need to be around me
This defines everything
How I am
Thank you for being there”

This song is almost ten minutes in length. Take the time of the song to think of all the people in your life who bring you passion and joy. That inspire you and activate you to continue building your best self. Write their names down along with how they have helped you and when the song is complete, give them a call just to tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life. Best served with a high energy strain, like Sour Diesel.

Peggy Gou ‘Starry Night’  to represent Litha 

What shines the brightest in the dark of night? Stars! Keep your spirits bright by evoking the power of our star ally the Sun and the Summer Solstice! Today draw on the strength that you keep with you, even in the darkest situations. Celebrate that strength with a dance party to Peggy Gou’s infectious song ‘Starry Night’! Bonus points if you can get some of your family or your chosen family in on it.

Brittany Howard 'Stay High' to represent Lammas 

At Lammas we celebrate the first of the harvest bounties and light, embracing the last chill vibes of summer while also rolling up your sleeves and taking stock in your achievements and disappointments. Brittany Howard’s lyrics fit perfectly with this theme.

“And where I come from
We work hard and grind and hustle all day
(Yes, we do)
There comes a time, there comes a time
At night, where we get to play
And we smile and laugh and jump and clap
And yell and holler and just feel great”

Today is a day to treat yo’self after a hard year's work, but also take the time to select one thing you could improve on as well. Best served with a mild indica-dominant hybrid like Critical Mass.

Weyes Blood 'Andromeda' to represent Mabon

The dark is slowly coming back and this tune helps us ease back into the endless black night skies.  Without darkness, there is no light. Without night, there can be no day.  As you listen to ‘Andromeda’, close your eyes, embrace the dark side and acknowledge its rightful place in the Wheel of the Year.  Find balance in times of your life that may have been challenging.  For instance, if you are feeling stressed out, reflect on how you are handling that pressure and how could achieve peace of mind. Best paired with a CBD-infused bath bomb or topical lotion.

Orville Peck 'Dead of Night' to represent Samhain

Orville Peck is definitely one of the artists of 2019 for me. How could you not love a band that is billed as “homoerotic cowboy pop”? The hypnotic harmonies and deep voice of Peck will draw you into the song as you invite those who have walked before to ride with you once again. Use this day to reflect on lost loved ones and ancestors.  If you have snow where you reside, write a short message in the soft white powder and let the wind carry it to them. Best paired with a sleepy strain Indicas like Hindu Kush. 

Buffy Sainte-Marie and Tagaq 'You Got to Run (Spirit of the Wind)' to represent Yule 

This song lifts you up and brings a message of hope and inspiration with its powerful lyrics. It just nails the theme of Yule, showcasing it is always darkest before the dawn. As throat singer Tagaq describes, "Sometimes when things get difficult you have to pick yourself up, you can't let things bring you down." Best paired with a strain that will offer a creative boost, like Candy Cane.

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