Yule Strain Recommendation: Mint Kush

Mint and Cannabis growing together in a garden

There is something about Yule and mint that just works. Whether it is the nostalgic flavour of candy canes or that time around December where we transition from pumpkin spice to mint flavoured treats, mint leaves behind a cool delicious sensation that seems to make sense as the flavour of winter and snow. And the more you explore the witchy history of mint, the more it makes perfect sense for it to get matched up with Yule.

Candy Canes and Cannabis Flower

Mints in general have a long history (and value) for their multi-purpose properties including healing, cleansing, good fortune, and happiness. And for Yule, mint can pretty much take on whatever role you want it to including building it into your cannabis use. Which brings me to our Sabbat strain for Yule, Kush Mints! Kush Mints channel the wonderful magical properties of mint perfectly in a cannabis strain! 

She is a typically high THC hybrid strain that crossed Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. Her nugs even have a very Yule look to them, a deep green with a thick layer of frosty white crystals and (if you haven't guessed already) it delivers a unique crispy mint taste along with a hint of pine. It's like winter all wrapped up in the perfect cannabis flower! 

I absolutely love this strain for some Yule pipe smoking or in a festival joint. It helps melt away holiday anxieties while leaving me feeling relaxed, joyful, and euphoric. When practicing witchcraft I highly recommend partaking on a slow intuitive winter walk (as you walk take joy in your surroundings and let nature guide your way), or when practicing reflections and release. The winter solstice invites us to look within and take inventory of the past Wheel of the Year. Kush Mints can help relax and break down subconscious barriers when exploring ourselves while also promoting a positive state of mind. She brings a euphoric feeling throughout the mind and body and is a wonderfully helpful companion as you release all that does not serve. She will lovingly encourage you cut those negative ties without regret and will join you in happily celebrating the release and welcoming in the positive energy that will follow! 

It is also a fantastic merry making strain. Kush Mints is a mood booster. Whether you are cuddled on the couch with your animal or human companion or in full party mode as you celebrate the return of the light, you won't be disappointed with this little lady. The most prominent terpenes in Kush Mint are limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene. Linalool is found in lavender and has been used for centuries as an aromatherapy tool for relaxation so get ready for your stress and anxiety to melt away. You won't get couch lock, unless that is your wish, and you'll be able to dance, enjoy company, or a movie with this canna-pal. However, one word of warning... she can bring on some serious munchies. Best to have some treats on hand for when you are feeling peckish. However you choose to celebrate, Kush Mints might be the canna-companion for you this Winter Solstice.

From the Witches of Green Moon to you and yours, I hope you have a beautiful, safe, and blessed Yule season. The sun returns! The light returns! Find the light within and be filled with love. May you find guidance and may you find peace as the new cycle begins.

Merry Yule!


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