Yule Cannabis Strain Recommendation: Jack Herer

Yule Cannabis Strain Recommendation

Yule is a time of merrymaking, feasting, and celebrating new beginnings as we mark the longest night of the year bringing forth the dawn of brighter times ahead. It is also a time of stillness and rest. Winter has begun. As we retreat into our cozy hearths we have time to recognize all the wisdom, thoughts, and feelings that have been growing inside and bring them into the light. This Yule, our Green Moon Apothecary box theme is 'Play Hard/Rest Hard' and our Yule 2020 strain recommendation, Jack Herer, reflects this duality.

As a slight sativa dominant hybrid strain, Jack Herer is quick acting and will deliver both a cerebral and body buzz, while keeping you chill and relaxed. Its uplifting sativa qualities come with a clear-headed, cerebral high giving you the motivation to get up and move. On a cold day, a few puffs of Jack Herer will give you that push to put your boots on and go for a foraging Yule hike in the woods, or virtually puff puff pass to keep the Zoom party lively and chatty with your witch family. This sweet strain also brings that lovely indica euphoria. You will be equally happy munching an infused Jack Herer treat and cozying up next to a roaring Yule fire (or the fireplace channel), relaxed but not immobilized, and ready to find new ideas and paths in its dancing flames.

Jack Herer is an especially wonderful strain for Yule. It will help offer inspiration and new perspectives as you plan your new beginnings for the turn of the wheel. The sense of ease and creativity, almost a duel relaxing and vibrant buzz, that Jack Herer brings will keep you stimulated but focused. I particularly like using Jack Herer when setting intentions or incorporating visualization into my spells and rituals as it assists in stimulating thought and mood. Medicinally, this strain can be used to treat low-grade anxiety and seasonal affective disorder, but this is not a sleepy strain so avoid if you are suffering from insomnia or want to plan a couch locked evening quietly re-watching 'Labyrinth' for the gazillionth time.

Jareth Labyrinth Not Tonight

Not tonight Jareth, not tonight.

The smell of Jack Herer delivers the scent and flavour of Yule. As soon as you begin pulling apart one of your buds you will be hit with a sweet, spicy, and pine aroma, with notes of cinnamon. Light up a joint and your taste buds will be hit with Jack Herer's unique piney flavour.

The duality of Yule harnesses the energies that winter brings. We have been journeying deeper into the dark since Samhain and are now ready emerge from the darkness ready to bring forth new and exciting paths. Our work is over and we are ready to celebrate the slow return of the sun with the joy of Yule celebrations, but we also must let the magick of rest and gratitude begin. However you choose to commemorate Yule, adding Jack Herer to your celebrations and introspections will help bring creativity and focus to your activities and personal rituals.

Merry Yule Witches! May the light of the Sun shine on you this season!

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