Creating a Well Rounded Wellness Routine

By: Midnight Raven

If you exist anywhere on the internet right now you’ve probably heard the term “self care” or “self love” pop up somewhere along the line. And yet, almost no one really defines what the heck self care is in the first place. At an insta-glace it really just looks like bath bombs and face masks. While those things are nice and they CAN be a part of your self care routine, there is so so SO much more to it.

As a psychology student and a witch, I have found that both the hard fact and the spiritual have a great impact on our self care. It seems to me that once you get down the basic formula of self care (Positive self Identity + Healthy Relationships + Maintaining Health) spirituality is one of the biggest things that can take your self care routine from good to f*cking amazing.

However I am also going to preface my steps to creating your self care routine by saying this. None of these steps are easy or overnight and sometime they will become stronger or lighter forces in your life. It will get easier and it will get harder. The point is to constantly be working towards these things in order to live the highest vibe life that you possibly can.

Sarah Midnight’s Self Care Formula:

1. Positive Self Identity                                                                                             

This can be a particularly tricky one, mostly because when I mention this step to people they focus on just the positive part and not the self identity part. Self identity is all about figuring out who you are, how you feel in your body and your purpose. I know. It’s HEAVY.

But it doesn’t have to be. Let's start with purpose because often people find this the hardest part. What do you love to do and what do you have to offer to the world? This can literally be as simple as “I want to make people happy” (and honestly I think this is the sentence most people start with. Then work to find little ways that you can do this in your life on a daily basis. It will change over time and eventually start to become a more solid structure thing that you can easily describe to people, you just need to start.

Want a little more help on the whole identity thing? Check out my Archetype system:

2. Healthy Relationships

No, I don’t just mean romantic relationships (but those can be important too!). I mean everything from your friendships, to your soul tribe to family and everything else. Creating a network of positive people around you, and making sure to maintain this network will do wonders for maintaining your mental health. Your social network has an incredible impact on your mental health, did you know that people with stronger communities typically live longer?

Here’s how I do it: I have about ten core people who I think of as my soul tribe. These are the people who it’s effortless to talk to and I rarely ever want to cancel plans with (we all have busy lives and we all want to cancel sometimes -- I get it). No matter what I always make an effort to get in touch with these people every week whether its calling, texting or actually seeing in person. Then I make sure I see at least half of them every week (if not all of them) and I make sure to see every one of them at least three times a month.

3. Health

Weirdly, I think this is the category I find easiest to change but takes the most discipline. Maintaining your mental and physical health can include a whole variety of thing but the exact formula varies for everyone. If you want a real easy way to figure out your ideal plan on this front check out my friend Corina’s work ( Or you can do it the DIY way.

Physical health includes the obvious sleeping right, eating right, and exercising combo but even figuring out the right combo for you can be a bit of trial and error. Truely, as long as you’re trying to find it, it can do wonders for you. Your physical health can also affect your mental health - I mean start eating right and tell me you don’t feel incredible as a result!

Mental health is also an interesting regime to figure out for yourself. Personally I find the best way to do this is by creating a morning routine that brings you energy and a nightly routine that relaxes your mind. Cannabis can be a good way to tap into this too. I love to have a little CBD/THC 50/50 tincture in my nightly tea to facilitate relaxation and a kick ass night sleep. Journaling, reading, working with crystals, heating pads, a health (and delicious) breakfast, and meditation are all other examples of little things that you can include in your routines for optimum mental wellness.

BONUS #4….Spirituality

While I don’t think you absolutely have to be spiritual in order to thrive, I think it can go a long way. There’s a reason that people find spirituality (or religion) so fulfilling. The belief and understanding that everything is energy can go a long way. Adding little rituals into your life and structuring your intentions brings a lot of added benefit. I personally burn a little palo santo every morning and night while thinking about my intention for the day and I can always feel my heart lifting every time I do.

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