Using Cannabis in Your Witchcraft: Building Your Intent into the Sacred Herb

Spiritual practitioners have found benefit in using cannabis for thousands of years as a tool in their practices. Beyond this, users have found cannabis to be a staple medicine for alleviating pain from arthritis to menstrual pain and everything in between, including non-physical ailments such as anxiety. The medicinal use of cannabis can be traced back to China in 2,737 B.C. and from there its benefits spread to India, Persia, Greece, Egypt, and beyond.  To see a robust history of this timeline and its ties to magick, check out the Clever Root’s documentation here.  

Some of the magickal uses of cannabis include:

  • escaping the trappings of the mind during ritual and meditation
  • clearing & cleansing negative energy
  • facilitating dream magick
  • Magickal Magnification, including: increasing the ability to communicate with the spirits and the dead, enhancing and amplifying current magick work
  • Manifestation programming
  • Healing work
  • Spell work including: money & abundance, love & sex, protection

It is indeed a miracle plant!

Before beginning any spiritual work, or just indulging in the green with intent, you must call on sacred energies and/or the divine.  You can also charge your cannabis with crystals. When you purchase a new batch, put a piece of black tourmaline or smoky quartz in with it to cleanse your weed of any negative energies it may have collected.  

Begin by eliminating all distractions. Turn off your phone. Ensure your space is clean of negative energy by sweeping your area of dust and undesirable thoughts. Build an inviting environment for yourself. It could be lighting some candles and dimming the lights or creating a space within your home that is comfortable and welcoming. You can leave music on if it will help you get into a relaxed state of mind.

As you move to grinding your herb, and possibly infusing it with other healing or magickal herbs (lavender or damiana to name a few), focus on your intent and infuse that energy into your smoking mix.  To find out more about mixing herbal smoking blends, Harmony Herbals offers some great insight! Make sure to do your research as some flowers and herbs are toxic to humans and some are even deadly!

While grinding imagine yourself grinding away all negativity. Eliminate bad thoughts and leave only your positive desires.  If you choose, you can bless your grinding with a chant. Here is an old herb grinding blessing that you can try, or you can create your own.  

Choose your method of consumption and just like programming a crystal, visualize or feel the energy of the cannabis.  If you are smoking with a pipe, joint, bong, or vape, ensure you are surrounding yourself or your chosen circle with the smoke. This will both cleanse you and your space.  Make sure to choose the best strain for your intent. Indica strains are better for meditation and give a calming vibe, while sativa strains are more high energy, and are best for welcoming love, lust, money, creativity and success. In the end, just choose whatever makes you feel good and happy. Your comfort and well-being should be the most important thing in your practice!

Cannabis can serve multiple purposes based on your intent and how you program your herb. Express your intent through your consumption and focus on your desire. There are multiple ways to perform weed magick. One of the most powerful may be when you use outside under the moon when the lunar energy can add even more strength. Remember to focus on your intent during the entire process.  Enjoy!

Please note, you do not have to ingest or use cannabis in your practice.  That is up to you and only you. Do not trick members of your circle into ingesting or using cannabis.

Great resources for learning more about implementing cannabis into your spiritual practices:

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