Using Cannabis in Your Witchcraft: A Spell for Self-Love

Spring is around the corner, and Valentine's Day is approaching. What better time to give in to the feelings of the season and try out a little love spell?

Love spells are a hotly debated topic in magickal circles. There are those who think you shouldn't cast any spells on other people without their permission... and it's hard to think of something more personal than casting a spell to bind someone to you, whether you've got their permission or not!

However, there's one person that it's always safe to cast a love spell on:

If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

That's right, nobody deserves your ever-loving care and attention more than you do! So before you ask the universe to send you your perfect match, why not anoint your candle and show yourself who your real number one is?

I've been waiting for me to come along, and now I've swept myself off my feet!

You will need:

  • Red beeswax candle (white is a good all-purpose substitute)
  • A few drops of oil for anointing. If you wear a signature perfume scent, add a drop to the oil before you use it
  • Your favourite cannabis strain. I think Bubblegum Kush is a great strain for this ritual because it leaves me feeling relaxed, happy... and in the mood!
  • A mirror to sit or stand in front of

Carve your name into the candle with your athame, a pin, or another sharp tool. Anoint the candle with the oil and place it in a holder in front of the mirror.

Light your cannabis, close your eyes, and inhale. Smoke until you feel comfortable, then continue to quietly breathe in and out. Feel the tension in your body melt away and sink into the earth below you. Even if you are high up in a building, envision the tension draining away through the structure to be held and neutralized in the ground below.

Once you feel very calm and relaxed, open your eyes and light the candle. Let the flame illuminate your face and look into your own eyes in the mirror. Let your mind go blank, and stare into your own eyes until your face shifts out of focus and your eyes are all you see. 

Say to your reflection:

I love you.

You may find that your face comes into focus, and you will probably feel a little uncomfortable and maybe even silly. That's okay. Continue on, and say to yourself as many times as you need to:

I love you. I love you.

This may bring up a lot of emotions. I've tried this and laughed at myself, or burst into shaking sobs. Let these emotions come up, and let them pass. See them flowing through your feet and into the ground the same way the tension flowed away at the beginning of your ritual. 

Continue to look into your eyes, and begin to say:

I love you, [your full name].

If your name at birth or on your ID doesn't match your true name, don't use that one. I'm talking about your true name here. Keep saying it until any sad, angry, or other negative emotions drain away. Eventually, you should start to feel happy, and may even feel ecstatic sensations! If you struggle with body confidence or feel uncomfortable in your body, you can try this ritual skyclad (in the nude). If you have articles of clothing or accessories that really make you feel good, you could also purposely put those on instead.

When you have looked into your eyes for a while, you can step back and examine your body and tell your whole body reflection that you love it too.

I have particular issues with some parts of my body, so I'll take this time to speak to them individually:

I love you, arms! I love you, belly!

When you feel ready, take a deep breath and say the following enchantment, adapted from the Desiderata:

I am a child of the universe
No less than the seas and the stars
Beautiful and complete in myself
Blessed, essential, and whole

Snuff out the candle, and keep it on your altar or wrap it in cloth and put it somewhere safe. If you need a boost, light the candle in the days following and repeat your intentions.

When the ritual is over, treat yourself to something nice! Take a bath, a hot shower, get dressed up... or get undressed and show yourself some love! 

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