The Fat Feminist Witch: The Grimoire Journal Interview

It's no secret that we, the witches of Green Moon Apothecary, absolutely love Paige The Fat Feminist Witch.  We love her sassy witch podcast, we obviously love her book 'Green Witchcraft: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Magic of Plants, Herbs, Crystals, and Beyond' (included it in our 2020 Beltane box), we love her spells and we are over the moon with her latest endeavor 'The Grimoire Journal'. 

We caught up with Paige to learn more about her latest book and explore what drew her to witchcraft. Check out our interview with her below!

The Grimoire Journal

To start off, we would love to know: what first led you to your interest in witchcraft? What influences or experiences took you down this path? 

I first became interested in witchcraft when I was about 9 years old but I had always been a creative, slightly psychic, overly empathetic kid with a love of old books so it often feels like I was always pretty witchy haha! Fortunately the 1990s were a time when witchcraft was very accessible and trendy and I could find Silver Ravenwolf and Scott Cunningham in my local library. Though I have to admit that for years I just kind of dabbled! Then I got a job at a metaphysical store in my late 20s and started meeting witches from all different backgrounds and that really opened me up to all new kinds of magic! I started having psychic experiences as I became more aware of my intuition and learned to meditate and work with crystals and never looked back!


For those just starting off in witchcraft, what does a Grimoire Journal mean to you and what will witches and non-witches find within your Grimoire Journal's pages?

A grimoire is a witch’s book of magic and spells, a compendium of what you’ve learned and a reference guide for future acts of magic. When you also use the grimoire as a journal you also end up with this road map of your own spiritual path, filled with the experiences and energies that are personally meaningful. In my Grimoire Journal you’ll find different prompts and recipes and meditations that help the writer create a personal spiritual practice they find empowering. 


What inspired you to create your own Grimoire journal?

Honestly I think what really inspired me is seeing all the different ways witches practice all over the world on social media. I love scrolling through pictures or videos or blogs of altars and spells and witchy art. I can find 1000 people doing the same kind of spell and they each do something different, and I think that is so special. I wanted to write something that helped people create new ways of practicing magic and exploring their spirituality. I really get a kick out of thinking about how different every single copy of the Grimoire Journal will end up being.


What is the difference between reading about and executing spells, rituals and magick written by others vs yourself?

There’s nothing wrong with using spells written by other people, especially when you’re getting started. I think of it like cooking – the first time I make a new dish I’ll use a recipe I trust, but eventually I’m going to go off-book and make my own adjustments until it’s perfect for me. No matter how tasty the original recipe is, the one I make myself will always be much more satisfying. Magic is the same way. Not only do you end up with a spell or ritual that’s perfect for your purposes, but you have that satisfaction of having made it from scratch.


How can a reader integrate cannabis magick into their Grimoire Journal?

I think like any other magical herb or tool, the only limits are the journaler’s imagination! The simplest way is to make a regular practice of sitting down with your journal, and opening up your writing session with a smoke session. Take that time to clear your mind, breathe deeply, and let that cannabis open the creative parts of your mind. Magically, it’s a great plant for cleansing stuck or lingering energy in your aura or environment and activating your higher chakras so it pulls double duty. It would be a great addition to a few of the recipes as well – like some dried leaf in the road opener powder or some herbal butter in the waxing crescent cookies!


What tips would you give to a Witch starting their very first Grimoire? 

Oh! I love this! I think the first tip is to not get too hung up on recreating some mystical movie-style fantasy grimoire like you see in Charmed or Practical Magic. Trust me, that road leads to heartbreak. In general, as artistic and creative an endeavour as it is, don’t get so hung up on artistry that you neglect what’s important to have in the grimoire, which is your magic. Don’t fill it with information that sounds good but doesn’t resonate with you. Take the time to write about what magic and spirituality feels like to you, and what’s important to you. Don’t stifle your voice or style to make it fit some witchy aesthetic. If a very tidy binder full of computer printed pages of straight info feels right for you, go with it! A bullet journal? Cool. An illustrated grimoire? I love it! Let your grimoire grow and change with you, instead of just leaving it on the shelf.


If there was one lesson you would like readers to take away from your Grimoire Journal, what would it be?

I want everyone who reads - and writes in - the grimoire journal to feel confident in their personal power and the magic of their own experiences and beliefs. There’s no one right way to practice witchcraft, and I want people to know that whatever way is empowering for them is worth exploring.


Where can people buy the Grimoire journal?

Pretty much anywhere! In the US it’s on amazon, indie bound, Barns and Noble and, and in Canada amazon and indigo both have it. 


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