Ten Easy Witchy Ways to Use Cannabis

1. In Meditation.

No matter how you consume it, cannabis can assist with thinning the veil and accessing ancient knowledge. Cannabis can offer a safe, reliable way to enter altered state of consciousness.

2. Keep Crystals with Your Stash.

The stones will interact with the spiritual aspect of cannabis and form positive energy.  This will amplify your uplifting experience and possibly gift better insight. Choose your crystals carefully and see how different stones affect the overall energy. For instance some stones that can help with depression or anxiety such as clear quartz and others may help with motivation and positive energy such as Carnelian. Keeping crystals with your cannabis will also clear any negative energy that was attached to your herb.

3. Put Crystals in the Ice Catcher of your Bong.

First, clean and cleanse your crystals. To be safe, research your selected crystal and be sure there are no toxic minerals that can get into the water via your crystals.

4. Use Full Moon Water in your Bong.

To make full moon water, select a clear container made of glass, avoid plastic if you can. Fill it with the purest water that you have available to you: spring, filtered, distilled or tap water is fine.

You can bless the water with sage if you choose, then charge your water with your intent.  What do you desire? What do you want to shine a light on in your life?

Take the container filled with water outside to the clearest area you can find, ideally where it will be undisturbed and has a special meaning to you. If you choose, you can add additional energy by adding crystals, flowers or incense around your container.

Set the container down and let the moon work her magick as she infuses the water with her lunar energy.

Before refilling your bong with your full moon water, ensure that it is cleaned to ensure your full moon water is not tainted.

5. Grow a Cannabis Plant and Add a Crystal in the Dirt.

Adding some crystal magick to your growing buds! Plants and crystals interact well together and both harbour different energies and properties. Certain crystals can help your plants to grow strong and keep them happy and healthy! Check out Energy Muse to learn about complimentary crystals to add to your cannabis plant’s soil. Always make sure to charge your crystal first before adding them to your soil.

6. Mix in with other Magickal Herbs!

For a great list of smokable herbs check out Good Witches Homestead.  Always exercise caution when making your herbal mixtures. Research the herbs before mixing with your cannabis. Some herbs are poisonous to humans.

7. Incorporate Cannabis Strains into Your Magick.

Looking to bring positive energy into your life? Try using Purple Haze which will assist in crushing any negative energy and will unlock the power of creativity. Call upon the powers of the stars with an Indica like Endless Sky which will deliver a spacy, dreamy feeling, perfect for meditation and peacefulness. If you enjoy working with Gods and Goddesses, match them with a cannabis strain. For instance, if you are calling upon Freyja, smoke Northern Lights as in Norse Mythology the Northern Lights represented the Valkyries.

8. Draw Sigils on Rolling Papers.

Sigils are personal symbols. You can design your own to usher in change as when you create a sigil it creates energies that work on your behalf to achieve your intent. Each sigil will be unique to your purpose. If you have never made a sigil before Sigil Daily has a great guide. Be safe and use non-toxic, natural ink when drawing your sigil onto rolling papers. Burning your sigil is the best way to activate it. As you smoke your joint, visualize your intent being released out into the universe and use your cannabis energy to bring that intent to life.

9. Make A Pipe from Common Magickal Ingredients.

Apples are perfect for this and they are especially common in witchcraft. You can find instructions on how to make an apple pipe here. Creating an apple pipe is best for Mabon or Samhain as the apple is associated with these times.

10. Blow Smoke Rings!

Use them as casting circles to cleanse energy in your home. As they break apart, let the smoke blanket the room and absorb the negative energy.

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