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Blog — Wheel of the Year

Yule Tidings Sabbat Reflections Playlist

Vanessa Neshevich

Tags Music, Playlist, Wheel of the Year, Yule

Yule Tidings Sabbat Reflections Playlist

Merry Yule Witches! Traditionally, Yule festivities began on the longest night of the year and then stretched for 12 days. Feasts were had and Yule logs were burned as celebrants rejoiced as the sun began to make its return. I chose to shorten my celebrations and focus on the Wheel of the Year.  For eight days, I will look back on each Sabbat with a song and do a small ritual that represents what the Sabbat represents, what I am grateful for this past year and my hopes for 2020. You can also choose to listen and reflect all in...