Strain of the Sabbat: Imbolc X Green Crack

Imbolc marks the first stirrings of spring, but it also marks the time of year where I am just sick of winter, sick of the dark, sick of cold and itching to be outside with the sun beating down on my face. It is the perfect time to honour the rebirth of the Sun and celebrate the entrance into spring... or to beg a groundhog to make spring come as soon as possible. Your choice!

After a long dark winter, my energy levels are down and I need a daytime strain that will fight fatigue, stress and seasonal depression but also gives me a pick me up to get things done! In the spirit of Imbolc, I want to spring clean my home to get rid of stagnant energy, get back outside to celebrate nature’s return, prepare my plants for their return to the outdoors, plant new seeds for the coming of spring and concentrate on my DIY projects & spell work…. The list goes on! Imbolc raises our energy in anticipation of spring and you want your chosen cannabis strain to reflect that energy as well.

That’s where Green Crack, originally known as “Cush”, comes in. It gives a stimulating mental lift and delivers an upbeat effect that leaves the user energetic, happy yet focused, so you’ll be able to tackle the many spring preparation tasks at hand. It’s a popular Sativa strain that has a distinctly Indica bud structure. The buds, which are covered in a thick dusting of milky trichomes (the little hairs you find on the bud) are dense and clustered together, giving the entire cluster an almost shimmery appearance. Gorgeous! Perfect for ushering in the sun once more! In terms of taste, it symbolizes Imbolc almost perfectly! The aroma is pure citrus and spice and everything nice, with some subtle earthy wood undertones, almost like this wonderful cannabis strain is representing plants pushing through the earth to welcome the sun once more!

If you want to include Green Crack into your Imbolc rituals, I would suggest smoking it before or during your house cleaning ritual. An important part of Imbolc is the element of cleansing the home. Start your spring cleaning off by smoking a joint of Green Crack then begin a thorough cleaning! Get your house in order by clearing old items that you no longer need and making space to build focus for your creative endeavours and new work. Once you are finished your cleaning, welcome the positive energy and focus into your home by smudging the perimeter of each room. You may want to say some sort of incantation, or recite it in your head:

With the releasing power of water,
with the clean breath of air,
with the zealous heat of fire,
with the grounding energy of earth
I cleanse this space.

As you go from room to room, be sure to smudge each door and window sill to prevent any negative energy from passing back your home.

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