Selenite and Cannabis 101

Selenite Tower Selenite and Cannabis 101

Selenite is an elegant and gentle stone. Beautiful and translucent, this crystal evokes healing and protection and like a moth, you may find yourself attracted to or even mesmerized by the way light delicately radiates out from this crystal. It is actually a variety of gypsum, meaning it is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, making it one of the softest crystals in existence.

The word ‘selenite’ is derived from the Greek goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon, which is understandable as when you observe its gleaming white colour and milky translucence. Its sleek surface is reminiscent of moonlight and divine feminine energies. However, despite its powerful appearance and illuminating lunar energies, you don’t need to be a moon magick master to use selenite in your everyday life. A high-vibration stone, selenite brings with it a deep peace and offers mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing bigger pictures behind problems. Selenite can assist with cleansing your home, your mind, or even your work desk of stagnant energy. Just like a good Indica, it is an excellent element to use when you need help quieting your mind when looking for clarity. 

This multi-use magickal stone is also one of the few crystals that is able to cleanse and charge other crystals AND your cannabis! Let it rid your cannabis of negative energy that it may have collected during the growth or harvesting process. Place your flower, shatter, oil or whatever preferred consumption choice on top of or next to your Selenite to cleanse and charge your cannabis. But don’t stop at your crystal collection or cannabis! Selenite can be used to clear alllll your things! Your ceremonial tools, your jewellery, tarot cards, your surroundings… Just give’er! 

I hope this gave you some quick information about Selenite and how you can utilize it for your spiritual cannabis experiences. One last small selenite hint! Do not put it in water. There’s a reason why you don’t see selenite bongs (although it would look STUNNING). You can polish your selenite with a bit of water on a cleansing towel, but do not submerge in water as it will degrade.

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