Samhain Strain Recommendation: Apple Fritter

Samhain Cannabis Strain Recommendation. Apple Fritter cannabis plant ready for harvest with ghost icons laid over it.

There are so many things I love about Samhain season. The changing of the leaves, coming back to the coziness of my hearth, the chance to reconnect with my loved ones and ancestors who are not of this world, and consuming all the delectable foods and drinks that come with the Season of the Witch. 

This brings me also to one of my favourite strains for Samhain... Apple Fritter! Her buds produce an incredibly unique smell and flavour that is so good that you might just want to eat them instead of smoking them. Her aromatic notes have a commanding sharp and sour apple scent with an almost cheesy smell that balances the tartness of the sour apple aroma. Warning! This is not a discreet smoke, and even when vaping you can smell her bold scent.

Apple Fritter typically has a high THC count, hovering around the mid-20 percent mark, and with that she brings the same sedation that one might feel after pounding back a few (and by a few I mean many) apple fritter pastry treats. She is definitely not a party strain, (bring it out when you want everyone to just go home already!), but she can be the perfect assistant for some deep Samhain divination. My initial tokes of Apple Fritter bring feelings of euphoric and intense creativity, allowing me to unearth my unspoken thoughts and become closer with my divination practice as I open myself up to its guidance. As the high progresses I can feel myself slipping into a relaxed state, helping to ground me and washing away any lingering negative energies and anxious feelings. With a calm and positive state of mind, I can then open myself up to the energies in the room and welcome my loved ones and guides on the other side who carry with them love, healing, wisdom, and guidance for the year ahead.  

I cannot stress enough how potent Apple Fritter can be. She is a strong and dominant female. This is a strain that will be a powerful divination tool for a seasoned cannawitch, however she should not be used lightly. Overdoing it can bring paranoia or anxiety and that, combined with divination during such a powerful time, could bring in bad energies. Before partnering with Apple Fritter in your divination ritual relax and ground yourself, light protective candles, cast your circle (if this is part of your practice) and even take a bite of an apple and use the rest as an offering to honour the dead. If you choose to smoke a joint, line your rolling paper or pre-roll with protective and positive sigils. As you take in Apple Fritter close your eyes for a moment and when you open them, take time to watch the smoke, gaze into it, and give yourself permission to relax, mentally becoming one with the smoke. As you slip into a blissful meditative state, invite only spirits and loved ones who come in love and light. 

If you do not have Apple Fritter on hand, you can try Bacio Gelato (to lull you into a meditative state), Banana Bread (an amazing full spectrum high) or Animal Cookies (aka Animal Crackers) to get into a relaxed state. If you are looking to have an energetic Samhain gathering or experience try Super Silver Haze. This skunky gal will keep you focused, uplifted, and energetic. Perfect for a social gathering or a Samhain nature walk.

Hocus Tokus my cannawitches!

However you choose to celebrate this powerful time, I hope it brings you happiness and clarity! May the blessed time of Samhain bring you wisdom and love of your ancestors and loved ones. May the turning of the year bring you abundance, strength, and joy.





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