Samhain Cannabis Strain Recommendation

This is the season of the witch! The air is crisp with scents of burning wood and dancing with falling leaves, the sky alternates from the brightest blues to rolling grey clouds, and our harvests of the year near completion. It is the time of Halloween, and the thinning of the veil between the worlds. Samhain is a liminal period where we turn to the past and honour our ancestors and those who walked before. This includes animal spirits and companions. When the veil is thin we strive to connect and communicate with them to learn, express gratitude, and celebrate their journeys and knowledge. We witches will set out plates of food, offerings of wine, weed, and other offerings that resonate with us and the spirits we are welcoming during this special time.

This time of year is ideal for performing divination, deeper meditation and energy work. This type of magick can require a relaxed and euphoric state of mind, however you may also want to attract a heightened state of energy and awareness to ensure you are aware that you are inviting those who are welcome and protecting yourself from those who are not. Thankfully Phantom OG, an indica dominant strain with a typically high THC content level (18% - 24%), checks all the boxes for these witchy activities. And just like this time of year, its origins are undefined and mysterious! 

I grew Phantom OG this year on my balcony and am very excited to use it in my Samhain rituals and divination practices this Wheel of The Year. It captures the ethereal energies of the season with its unique high, helping me to create a potent space to connect with sacred energies and be open to messages and new perspectives offered. This ghostly strain comes in with a whisper, growing with energy and mental stimulation and ending with a roar of tranquil full-body relaxation. Ideas and concepts that I may not have entertained in my day-to-day life can suddenly be brought to light and new associations and directions to questions I may have are suddenly illuminated. It is truly a perfect Samhain strain for the loose inhibition yet plugged-in thinking needed when exchanging open-ended conversations with spirits and when diving into self-introspection. Be careful with your intake amount as with its high THC level Phantom OG can bring on a feeling of slowed time during your zoned-out state, which for me is a great help when shifting my mental state for divination but for others this might deter your intended work and just push you into bed. I recommend starting off small when consuming it. Phantom OG's high takes some time to creep up on you, so give it a good 15 - 30 minutes before topping up.

Phantom OG stimulates the senses. Its sugary, lemon-pine scent is similar to its taste, but when vaped it can also bring forth a bit of a spicy flavour. When grinding and smoking you may notice a slight tinge of mint as well, giving you a smooth, tasty exhale. The terpene profile of this spooky strain is a harmonious balance of caryophyllene and limonene with a hint of hoppy humulene.

The autumn season brings in a time of reflection, transition, and gratitude. As we thank the past for all it has taught us and brought into our lives, we can also look forward and find clarity from the undeniable energies and insightful spirits around us. The messages delivered to us should be used as guidance to ensure our decisions are moving us forward into a safe, healthy, and happy future. This year, when setting a plate at your Samhain table for your loved ones, make sure to pack a pipe or roll a special joint of Phantom OG to give gratitude and thanks.

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