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Ostara Egg Ritual

Vanessa Neshevich

Green Moon Apothecary Ostara Egg Ritual

A simple yet rewarding ritual that you can do at or around Ostara is this simple egg ritual. Ostara is a great time for spell work involving new beginnings and this ritual will set forth your intentions for the Spring.

1. Select an egg.

2. Write your intentions on the egg with non-toxic marker or ink. This can be anything! For example you could focus on health, happiness, career, abundance, love, etc.)

3. Hold the egg in your hands and meditate on your intentions. Focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals. You can invoke a deity or spirit if you choose.

4. Bury the egg in a planter or in your garden as an offering to nature or your chosen deity and plant a seed or flower above the egg. If you aren't a great plant person, Green Moon has a selection or easy-to-grow organic herbal seeds! These herbs do not require a Green Witch thumb! You can also do this with cannabis seeds! The egg will act as a natural fertilizer!

5. Watch it grow alongside you as you work to grow and achieve your goals!

6. Should you choose, repeat this three more times on each corner of your household.  This will bring prosperity to your household!

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