Ostara Cannabis Strain Recommendation: Super Silver Haze

Ostara marks a time of perfect balance on the Wheel of the Year as night and day are in equilibrium. There is a even distribution of dark and light as the natural world comes alive once more. The Sun gains strength and the days become longer and warmer, which then brings forth the abundant fertility of the Earth. The energy is undeniable as we usher in the first day of Spring!

When we were selecting this strain we were inspired by the goddess Ostara’s sacred animal, the hare, and the energy vibrations we get from the changing of the seasons. Rabbits represent fertility, intuition, rebirth, promise, fulfillment, and balance and in other cultures they can represent both a rascal and a hero. Just like springtime and the hare, Super Silver Haze offers playfulness, confidence, and an uplifting buzz. It is typically 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics and has an outstanding balance. The hint of indica ensures a calm relaxed feeling while still keeping you energized, basically turning your haze into a focused, useable energy. Plus, its effects are long lasting, so more bang for your buck!

If Super Silver Haze is not available to you, look for a similar strain that is both citrus and earthy in smell and flavour.  As you enjoy your bud this Ostara, invoke its energy and spread it to your home and love life. Super Silver Haze will not fail in assisting you to spread joy wherever you go.

Major Terpenes:
42.1% Myrcene
17.5% Beta-Caryophyllene
10.7% Limonene

High sour citrus notes with a touch of sweet moldy aroma bring out unique sandalwood undertones

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