Ostara 2021 Cannabis Strain Recommendation Mandarin Cookies!

A glass jar over filled with cannabis. A text overlay says "Ostara Strain Recommendation"

Birds are chirping, small sprouts of green are peeking up from the newly thawed soil, and the Northern Hemisphere is abundant with the songs of spring! Spring fever has begun and with it comes love, light, and harmony. Matching the energy of both nature and the Sun's radiant return our Ostara strain recommendation has a super bright flavour, packed with a sharp tangy citrus, pepper, and rich nutty herb notes. Her naturally occurring terpenes emit fruity and earthy aromas, and overall this beauty's profile can be described in one word: delectable.

What is this sunny strain you ask? Mandarin Cookies! A balanced hybrid that delivers anxiety-free days with a rush of energy. Her positive effects can include confidence boosting, motivation, uplifting mood, and a euphoric lightheaded feeling. Ostara is a time to celebrate and plant our seeds, both physically and metaphorically and Mandarin Cookies is the perfect assistant when creatively exploring your new beginnings and projects. One thing to keep in mind is that she is typically a higher potency strain, so experiment with smaller amounts until you have found the right intake amount for you. This is not a strain for spring cleaning or diving into a physical project, but she is perfect for careful, creative planning. I prefer to use Mandarin Cookies when planning out future activities, journaling, making art, divination work that requires calm but high energy, and kitchen witch activities. 

Bob Ross painting a mountain scene

Mandarin Cookies will have you painting some happy trees and joyful mountains in no time!

When Mandarin Cookies is ingested you may feel a light high that will keep your body in a chill state, but not to the point of couch lock or sedation. She is a great strain for those going into a social setting, but need a little help to crush the negative physical and mental effects of social anxiety. She also a very suitable strain for sexy times / sex magick (coming from my own personal experience) and always welcome in my bed! She is a true delight to both smoke or vape in its flower, oil, or rosin form. In addition, if you have the green thumb and are a cannabis gardener, Mandarin Cookies can yield a large crop with one plant and it's one of the easier strains to grow, however she is a hard strain to find in seed form in Canada as the strain is from Ethos Genetics in the USA

Mandarin Cookies will shine positivity into your blazing experience and after welcoming spring back, she will leave your day bright! 

Have a blessed Ostara Cannawitches!


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