Nine Beltane Altar Decoration Ideas

Beltane is drawing near and we witches of Green Moon are changing up our altar decor to reflect and capture the energies of this fiery Sabbat. A gateway into summer, fertility, and the growing season, Beltane not only represents the seeds we plant in the earth, but in our hearts, minds, and dreams. It is an optimistic time as we discover which crops we wish to grow in the coming seasons and our connection to the abundant nature that surrounds us. With this in mind, we begin to select altar pieces and offerings for Beltane. 

Here are nine items you could include on your altar to compliment this beautiful time in the Wheel of the Year:

1. Maypole

A fun DIY craft for a rainy day! Collect some colourful ribbon and weave a small Maypole for your altar. As you string together your ribbon, consider how we weave the threads of our life.

Maypole in the sunshine

2. Flowers & Plants

Adding floral arrangements and greenery to your altar will be a gorgeous element to add to your altar that encourages joy and abundance. Flowers and plants are also a great way to represent the element of earth on your altar. Roses (especially pink, white, and yellow), Violets, Daisies, Dandelions, Jasmine, and Pansies are all great selections!

I also add a few cannabis flowers to my altar as an offering on my Green Moon altar tray.

Jasmine Flowers in a Basket

3. Candles

Beltane celebrates the coming summer, and many of our ancestral practices revolved around fire. Bonfires were danced around, and a fire was used for protection and abundance. Adding candles to your altar can represents the fiery energy of this Sabbat as well as the element of fire.

4. Goddess Symbols

Capture the feminine energies of the season that represent the womb such as caldrons, statues, baskets, cups, and bowls, or the your chosen deity of the Sabbat like Artemis, Bes, Flora, or Hera.

5. Crystals

Anyone who knows me, knows I love crystals and that love radiates on all of my altars. Rose Quartz, Bloodstone, Aventurine, Emerald, Fluorite, Fire Agate can all attract the creative and passionate energies of the Sabbat.

6. Fertility Symbols

Antlers, horns, acorns, seeds are all great options.


7. Winged Ones: Robins, Bees, and Butterflies.

Robins, which are the birds sacred to the Oak King, the mistress of change (aka butterflies), and the bees 

8. Beltane Witch Ball

Capture the symbols of the Sabbat in a gorgeous witch ball. Hang above your altar to bring magickal protection and harnessing the power of the objects within them. 

Beltane Witch Ball filled with club moss, jasmine and other items hanging in a window.

9. Two Rings

Honour nature's oldest love story by celebrating the Divine Union. Beltane means bright fire, and in early traditions, it represented the handfasting, of the God and Goddess and their eternal embrace.

Blessed Beltane CannaWitches!

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