Moon Magick: New Moon

The new moon is when the moon is dark. It is a good time to make a new start or a new beginning. It offers a chance to make a change.

For this last new moon of 2018, the Moon is in Sagittarius, the same sign where we currently find the Sun. Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is also in this sign! At the same time, Mercury is coming out of retrograde. This is the perfect time to clear out the past and make room to receive abundance that is yet to come.

Candle Spell for Release and Manifestation

You will need:

  • candle (in a colour that relates to your goal, such as green to attract money. For general purpose, select white or black)
  • cannabis or smudge of choice

This is a simple candle spell based on the moon phases. You can customize it to match your tradition. 

Light your cannabis or smudge. Waft the smoke over yourself, and envision any old, stagnant energy that surrounds you blowing away. If you smoke, ingest some now.

Light the candle. Gaze softly at the flame and concentrate on what you want to manifest in the future. Imagine your potential growing inside you like a seed. It starts small and expands outwards, putting down roots and reaching to the sky. See your desires in the same way, growing and thriving in the days to come.

When you have finished meditating, blow out the candle. Repeat this short meditation ritual every night between the new moon and the full moon, and use it as a reminder to take a small step towards your goal every day. When you have finished the meditation at the full moon, declare to the universe that your spell is sealed and complete. 

As you will it, so mote it be!

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