Moon Magick: Full Moon

The moon is much larger than it appears to be. This is worth remembering because next time you are looking at the moon you can say in a deep and mysterious voice, "The moon is much larger than it appears to be," and people will know you are a wise person who has thought about this a lot.

- Douglas Adams

The moon has fascinated humans since the beginning of time, and for good reason. It affects the tides, aligns with the menstrual cycle, and we're so convinced it impacts our mental state that the word "lunacy" literally refers to la luna. We go loony over the moon!

It's no wonder that the moon looms large in many spiritual practices. In many modern pagan traditions, the moon is seen as a representation of the divine feminine. It represents the faces of the goddess - Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

It's interesting to note that in some of the Northern Traditions, these roles are flipped, and the moon is representative of a cool, distant masculine energy, while the warm, nurturing sun is viewed as feminine instead!

The full moon in November is sometimes called the Beaver Moon, because the animals build their winter dams at this time of the year. It can also be called the Fog Moon, Frost Moon, or Dark Moon. When it is the last full moon before the winter solstice, as it is this year, it is also known as the Mourning Moon. 

Full Moon Spell: Contact Your Ancestors

The full moon is a time of completion, when we reap the rewards of what we've sown. It's the perfect time for prophecy and divination. This full moon is in Gemini, so it is also a good time for communication. It is also the full moon after Samhain, when the veil is thinned.

For me, this is an ideal time to open up the lines of dialogue with my ancestors, and see if they have any messages for me. I'll be doing a spell to ask their advice, using:

  • a white candle
  • pine incense
  • cannabis to consume in your preferred manner (optional)
  • a photo of the ancestor (optional)
  • an offering for the ancestor (such as food, drink, or a small trinket)

To begin, cast a circle or create sacred space. Call the quarters, or raise energy in your own way. Light the candle and the incense. Let the soft glow and wafting smoke fill the area, and know that no harmful entities are welcome here. Be clear in your intent: you are summoning beneficial knowledge and energies from your ancestral line.

If you are an experienced user of cannabis, you may want to consume some to help thin the veil further. Cannabis has been used in some traditions to help communicate with the dead. If you choose to do so, we recommend an indica like Blue Dream to help you into a meditative state, or a more cerebral hybrid like Northern Lights to bring about a more dreamy, but not sleepy, frame of mind.

Note: If you are not an experienced cannabis user, we recommend that you consider attempting this kind of spell without consuming it a few times before integrating it into the practice. Lifting the veil can be a very mind-opening experience on its own!

If you have a particular person from your family tree that you want to communicate with, visualize them now. It may help to have a photograph or image of them, but this isn't necessary. Picture them clearly in your mind, and if possible, remember any other sensations that remind you of them, such as a scent or a feeling. 

Take your offering and hold it both hands, raising it while you say something like, "I offer this to you, in the spirit of family, love, and ongoing connection. I ask that you join me here so that we can share positive energy through the veil." Place the offering by the candle and incense.

Then, simply spend some time speaking to your ancestor. Let them know more about you and what you hope to learn from them. It may feel odd at first, but the more you call upon them and speak to them, the more natural the relationship will become. When you have said enough, spend some time listening. Still your mind and meditate. See if any signs or images come to you. I sometimes have a hard time receiving messages in the moment, so I personally add a request to see signs in my dreams.

When you feel satisfied, thank the energies you summoned, and close the circle. Place your offering outside in nature within a few days.

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