Magickal Music: Yule

Yule tidings and a bright Winter Solstice to you all!

Today we launched the Green Moon Apothecary Spotify account! I am excited to build and craft suggested playlists, not only for the Sabbats, but also for inspiration, mood shifting and rousing and changing energies. I also look forward to shining a light on some amazing artists and songs.  I am a huge music buff and twist and turn between genres on a regular basis. I look forward to creating Green Moon themed playlists that will have a little something for everyone.

I find my witchcraft and music go hand in hand.  Music can alter my perceptions, my state of consciousness as well as my emotions and mental experience before, during and after spell work or just in general day-to-day life.  There are infinite ways to use music in your witchcraft and self-care and I can’t wait to explore the many avenues with you on the Green Moon Apothecary blog and Spotify account.

The first playlist I’ve built is all around Yule and the longest night of the year. As we celebrate the returning of the sun and messages of hope, we also must close the time of darkness.  In ancient times the harvest is complete and it is time to enjoy the fruits of labours. However, in our modern world we have holiday parties, baking, shopping and it is so easy to get caught up in the madness of it all. Take time to tuck yourself up inside, have a warm drink and reflect on the following year. The time of midwinter is a time of hibernation and rest and so this playlist is to serve as a reminder of calmness as you enjoy the snowy months and are pulled into the season of deep rest. I hope it can bring you sweet songs to balance as you reopen the cycle of life and blend the dark with the light once more.  It serves as a reminder of the Pagan saying “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

Playlist Strain Reco: Northerns Lights. Relax and get dreamy as you let go of your stress and just focus on the effortlessness of being.

Look for more playlists and music magick coming soon!

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