Magickal Music: Happy New Year!

Traditionally a witch’s New Year is Samhain, popularly known as Halloween, but that doesn't mean that we can't whoop it up when the clock turns to 12 and we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019! I love to ring in the new year with positivity and empowerment. Usually, this means playing some lip-smacking, booty shaking bangers that are primed to have me explode on the floor and become my primitive self. Music, like witchcraft, provides us with amazing power, the power of control and the power to change energies at will. A quick, heavy beat can lift someone from their chair and have them undulating on the dance floor in a swift spellbinding moment.

From open witches to artists that channel a witchy spirit, one will find something uniquely powerful within witchy music. To be a witch is to be a person of exploration, liberation, and truth. We have agency over ourselves, our minds, our bodies, and our voices. We carry powers that are mysterious and challenging to understand. We are independent and confident. As we close 2018 I wanted to find that empowered energy within songs while providing a playlist that you could easily jam on at a party. I landed on focusing on legendary witchy hip-hop artists that play within the feminist space. When listening to their songs I found deep power behind their lyrics and dizzying beats. I tend to stand a little taller, walk with more ‘umph’, dance a little harder as I feel their energy blasting through my speakers. They make me want to flex my witch muscles. Witchy hip-hop tends to be unapologetic and empowered. Princess Nokia swaggers, promoting sisterhood and her Brujas heritage. Azealia Banks gets wicked delivering punishing beats and a mix of rap and screamo, baiting haters to try and keep pace with her. Angel Haze delivers unbearable honesty while playing with her monstrous side and Witch Prophet continuously challenges genres and evokes a range of emotions while exploring supernatural and existential worlds.  All of them make you think while entertaining. And that is what I want my 2019 to be. Thoughtful, entertaining and empowered. I hope this playlist brings those three intentions to you as we transition to next year!

Playlist Strain Reco: Kali Dog. Prepare to howl at the moon and enjoy Kali Dog’s uplifting effects to keep your party vibes high.

Happy New Year my Witches!!!!

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