Mabon Cannabis Strain Recommendation: Cannatonic

Merry Mabon Witches!

This Sabbat is sometimes bitter-sweet for me. On the bitter side, I have to say goodbye to the fruitful gifts of summer such as not wearing shoes, brilliant sunsets on the beach, bbq'ing almost every day and growing herbs and vegetables on my balcony. However, I get to transition into the super sweet side of Autumn! I welcome with open arms all the wonderful things fall brings, from cozy sweaters, basking in the vibrant colours of the changing leaves against grey skies, delicious teas, soups and stews season to harvesting my crops both figuratively (taking stock of what goals I achieved and what I can do better next year) and literally (my cannabis and balcony garden crops). 

Harvest Time

Harvest Time

I love marking this special Sabbat, the autumn equinox, with traditions and rituals to celebrate the changing of the seasons and embracing a return to a stillness that only the colder months can bring.

It can be hard to wind down after the bustling busyness of the summer months, especially this year when a lot of our summer plans have been altered by the Covid-19 pandemic. We might be longing for one more week of warmth, but alas, transitions come with the natural course of nature and these changes encourage us to stop and recalibrate, finding balance once again. Taking time to slow down, to celebrate the bounties that the warmer months have given us and to release the past, letting go of emotions that no longer serve you and attuning yourself to the rhythms of the new Autumn season are all natural and positive progressions within the Wheel of the Year. 

Get Out of Here Negativity! Two women throwing autumn leaves.

Get outta here negativity and bad habits!

Transitions can sometimes be met with unconscious and conscious resistance. Enter Cannatonic. High in CBD (although the THC levels can still reach up to 15%), this strain will aid in helping you relax and embrace the changes coming your way, delivering a wonderfully calming and rejuvenating, but mellow experience. An exceptional balancing tool. It is the kind of calm high a person loves after a stressful day at work and this summer has been a stressful season. After taking stock of this year's harvest, it's time to reflect and chill. It is a perfect strain for deliberation, meditation, journaling (especially when prompted to do a tough analyzation of the year past or expanding your creativity) and acclimatizing to the seasonal transitions. This is not a strain to get you high. This is a strain to uplift with both mental and physical medicinal properties. It's a great wake and bake option as it won't hinder your day or give you couch lock.

Cannatonic's flavour and aroma profiles mirror the changing of the seasons, combining the scents of the season. It touches on those sweet summer to fall moments with a combination of fresh pine and citrus that lingers on the tongue. From it's notable number of terpenes, this soothing strain's scent is earthy but has subtle hints of a citrusy orange scent.

As Mabon is a holiday of transition, I encourage you to use Cannatonic's mild mannered attributes to help you rid yourself of any lingering negativity and bad habits from the previous season. Roll your herb into a joint and as you smoke it write down any negative thoughts or bad habits onto a piece of paper.  As you near the end of the joint, use it to carefully burn the paper in a fire proof container to banish these habits away! When you are close to being done done, say a word of thanks into the fire for releasing any negativity surrounding you and let it smolder until it goes out.

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Enjoy this upcoming fall season and many blessings you and yours! I wish you a bountiful harvest filled with love and happiness this Mabon festival!



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