Litha Strain Recommendation: White Widow

On the summer solstice, we celebrate Litha and the life-giving sun! It is a time for light magick, honouring love, luck, abundance, fertility, and joyous energy. Litha, as with many celebrations, is centred around gathering with your witchy clan and loved ones around a bountiful table of delicious love-infused food or roaring bonfire. 

We may not be able to congregate across a glorious banquet table decorated with spring flowers, finger-licking BBQ and seasonal fruits and vegetables, but we can still bring light into our lives with food. This is especially wonderful for the weed loving witch, as we all know one thing a cannawitch can do is satisfy a stomach that has the munchies! Which brings me to my Sabbat strain recommendation. Introducing the famous White Widow!

White Widow Images from Paradise-Seeds.comIsn't she lovely? Image Credit:

Dripping in white resin crystals, this sativa-dominant hybrid is poised to deliver a euphoric and joyful energy to its welcoming consumer. She is great at getting the party started, even if it is a party of one. White Widow is an amazing companion for the Kitchen Witch in us all.  I love smoking White Widow while cooking or baking. I love her uplifting energies and clean pine-fresh taste that delivers a hint of citrus on the exhale. White Widow delivers her full experience while in the kitchen because adding her to your meal will give you her unabridged aroma and taste. This strain is known for its use in edibles, but note that when you add her to your favourite treat she may give you a much heavier high than when smoking her.

Outside of wild, untamed summer celebrations of Litha, it is also a special time to pause. A blessing in our current situation is that the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed many of us to carve time out of our busy lives to take solace in small moments of stillness. Even if this is a hectic, stressful time for you,  stop in the sunlight as you feel your inner power and brightness. Bathe in the warm rays and allow yourself gratitude for your hard work planting and tending your spring seeds, and look to the future of the coming bounty of the upcoming summer harvest. White Widow is also a known stress reliever, so let her release any negativity and anxiety stored inside you.

Celebrate the energies of Litha by smoking a pin’er while baking your favourite infused treat then take some time to honour the sun while enjoying your delicious hard work. If you’re looking for a new treat to try, you can make White Widow infused raspberry gummies with a Zen Gummy Kit found in our Litha box. Make sure to spread your food love and gratitude to your cannawitch pals by dropping off a couple gummies safely at their door (with a note letting them know your gift is infused!) and making an offering to your chosen goddess, spirits, or faeries. It is believed that faeries are very active during the Summer Solstice and to get on their good side it is best to offer them a treat made from your harvest herbs, such as lavender, fennel, basil, and chamomile.

If White Widow is not available where you reside, you can look at using similar strains that White Widow’s genetics have contributed to such as White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow, or try Super Silver Haze and Purple Diesel which will deliver similar effects.

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