Litha Cannabis Strain Recommendation: Purple Punch

Splish, splash, I was taking a bath and pondering the best strain for Litha this year. My desire was to indentify a cannabis strain that would bring out and enhance inner power and brightness through the act of self-care. Typically when summer hits I gravitate towards sativas as they give me that lift to shine bright like the sun, to be energetic, keep myself busy, and ready for lots of socializing. However this year I wanted to take back some of that time, and make myself feel special through some much needed self-care.

This brings me to my Litha strain recommendation, Purple Punch. Purple Punch will become your new bathtime buddy. She tastes like summer, featuring a mix of tastes such as fruit punch, blueberry, grapes, and a hint of vanilla. She delivers a blissful mental atmosphere for me to get lost in as I soak, scrub, and just relax in nature's gifts with my floral ritual bath mix. Purple Punch is especially useful on those hard days when I've been chained to my computer trying to make deadlines, and feeling overstressed. Like the sun coming back out after a wicked summer storm, she is here to save the day.

I know you are probably wondering..."Litha is a high energy Sabbat, so why lean into an Indica strain?" Despite Purple Punch's overwhelming 80:20 indica to sativa ratio, this dank girl offers a level of focus and function that lends herself to a wealth of activities and Sabbat celebrations. It also all depends on the dose. She won't be a couch-locking strain, if you dose intentionally. Look forward to a mild sedative state that is mainly relaxed, euphoric, and thoughtful. A perfect strain for some self-love, self-reflection or bathing rituals. She's especially handy at helping to open perspectives and inspire creativity. Perfect for the cannawitch looking to explore new possibilities, or finding that elusive solution to a lingering issue.

If you can't find Purple Punch in your area, here are some similar strains: Candy Rain, Gorilla Glue, Guava, and Grand Daddy Purple.

Step forward into Litha with your best foot forward by giving gratitude to the immense gifts from the natural world, celebrating the light within you, and by lighting a Purple Punch joint! 

Blessed Litha my cannawitches!






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