Lammas Strain Recommendation: OG Kush

Close to Lammas, I start to feel a little disconnected from myself. Summer has me running around with so many activities, even this year during the Covid-19 pandemic. Outside of work, I'm tending to my patio garden, preparing summer meals, gathering during nature walks, fighting white supremacy, visiting my circle, and spending many hours getting outside the city to secret swimming holes devoid of throngs of people.  Basically I am one busy bee and my self-care practices have melted away.

Lammas encourages us to take a moment to relax and reflect on the upcoming abundance of Autumn. It's a time to bless our metaphorical and literal crops and fold self-care and self-love back into our routines. I love using cannabis to help me cultivate self-love and self-care as it is the perfect conduit to muffle stressful, negative, and anxious thoughts. It helps me redirect my attention and intentions and allows my conscious mind to take a backseat for a little while. This is exceptionally wonderful for problem-solving as when my mind is clear new solutions come into place. 

This brings me to Green Moon Apothecary's Lammas strain recommendation, the classic and comforting OG Kush. I love this hybrid strain because it encourages me to slow down and although its high is more cerebral than physical, it is not overwhelming. This is my go to strain for ritual baths (and regular baths), cloud scrying, self-love spells, gratitude and affirmation exercises, and self-care activities. As my mind settles OG Kush helps it open up to new perspectives and reflections, something my mind cannot do when it's going a mile (or kilometer to the Canadians out there!) a minute, or even worse spewing toxic thoughts! This is definitely not a mind-race type of strain, it encourages the user to slow down and get into a positive state of mind through its uplifting attributes. Settle in for some self-care this Lammas because the season shift is coming and hard work is back around the corner. 

If OG Kush is not available, which is possible because it is a high demand strain, you can look at using similar strains like Bubba Kush, Fire OG, or Blue Cheese.



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