Lammas Cannabis Strain Recommendation: Amnesia

Every time around Lammas I get a little giddy.  As a cross-quarter festival, Lammas marks the halfway point between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. Entering the darker half of the year, without fail, I begin to try to cram as much fun in the sun as possible, enjoying time with friends and family as we celebrate the abundance of nature’s bounty, the circle of life, and all that we have. BBQs, feasts, waterside picnics, gardening, and long nature walks are all part of this special and lively time. A lively time needs a lively strain to compliment the energy of the last leg of the summer season!

For outings, end of season harvesting, and feast gatherings, I love to bring out Amnesia. Just like her namesake, Amnesia is made for forgetting your troubles and enjoying the moment, delivering giggles, a happy openness, and a big burst of energy! This sativa-dominant beauty packs a punch with THC levels going up to 20% - 25%, however her high is positive and euphoric, allowing you to go about maintaining functionality in your activities and conversations. You’ll be able to stay alert and awake during your Lammas celebrations. That being said, she may be a little intense for beginner cannabis users and I do not recommend her for a nighttime strain. Dose responsibly and slowly so you can gauge your limits.

Amnesia tastes like the end of summer, hitting you with citrusy and earth flavours. She also has a unique scent, smelling like fresh cut grass and hay. It sometimes reminds me of the smells that you encounter while going apple picking before the fall weather comes barreling in. She is wonderful in all forms: flower, edibles, wax, extracts, and is definitely a party favourite when she accompanies me to outings. She is a wonderful companion for high energy magic, tarot divination (as she can unlock thought-provoking creativity and open the mind to new avenues of thought), and sun magic.

There are two main types of Amnesia strains. The ‘real’ Amnesia and Amnesia Haze. The ‘real’ Amnesia has a more uplifting effect, while the Haze version gives a slightly more chill, relaxed vibe. Choose the one that will best reflect your Lammas rituals and celebrations.

Enjoy my cannawitches!

Lammas Blessings! May your harvests be bountiful, and full of earthly delights!

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