Imbolc Cannabis Strain Recommendation: Super Lemon Haze

Imbolc 2021 Cannabis Strain Recommendation - Super Lemon Haze

Imbolc begins the waning of winter and the awakening of spring which is absolutely fabulous. Like many of us, by February 1st I am done with the cold, dryness in the air, and grey skies that winter brings. I crave for return of the sun and with it the moment when spring returns bringing with it new ideas, new projects and bright times. In preparation for the vernal season I turn to the ritual of spring cleaning and cleansing. As I clean my focus is on clearing my space from bad energy lingering in the ignored corners of my home, and to building intent, welcoming good health, protection, and abundance into it.

But although spring is coming fast, the coldness of winter and the warmth of my cozy blanket can leave me without the motivation to begin this necessary ritual. Here in Ontario, some of the early signs of spring might not be visible, but we can feel the earliest hints of spring rising in our spirits. To shake off the winter doldrums and get ready for a much needed cleansing send in this Sabbat's strain reco. Badadaduuuuum - Super Lemon Haze!! A puff on this citrus-scented strain and lift off! It delivers a zestful, euphoric effect that will elevate the user while helping to build focus. You'll be ready to throw open your windows, put on some upbeat tunes, and get down to business dusting, scrubbing and polishing your cannabis accessories, altar, and home.

A sativa dominant hybrid, Super Lemon Haze's lineage comes from Lemon Skunk combined with Super Silver Haze. Its sugary lemon and earthy scent and similar taste is a reminder of sunny days ahead and whether ingesting with a vaporizer, joint, or clean crystal pipe this strain is gonna shine. It delivers a clear-headed high, and even while tackling the toughest tasks it will keep you happy and inspired. Outside of a cleaning motivator, Super Lemon Haze is an excellent assistant for raising energy or energy manipulation in spellwork or healing, connecting to nature, kitchen magic, wild crafting, cleansing, journaling and divination. 

Imbolc brings new beginnings, new exciting paths, and exploring the rewards and challenges that the new year brings. Banish the Winter and rejoice in the coming of Spring on St Brigid’s day! So while you ready yourself for the journey ahead, enjoy adding Super Lemon Haze to your celebrations and preparations for a magickal sprinkle of increased focus, creativity, and positive energy.

Mighty Birgid, keeper of the flame,
blazing in the darkness of winter.
O goddess, we honor you, bringer of light,
healer, exalted one.
Bless us now, hearth mother,
that we may be as fruitful as the soil itself,
and our lives abundant and fertile.

Imbolc Blessings Witches!

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