How to Create a Bindrune

If you have studied the Elder Futhark runes, you've probably come across mention of bindrunes. But what are they exactly?

A bindrune is simply a combination of runes, overlaid and connected with each other. The runes are woven or carved together, creating a symbol that represents their energies combined. There are different types of bindrunes, but in this example, we will create the most flexible: a multi-axial, where the runes can be rotated freely to be upright, inverted, or diagonally placed.

To begin, take some time to carefully decide on your intent. Consider what you want to influence with this bindrune. What is your goal, and what steps are you going to take to achieve it? The clearer your intention, the stronger your working.

When you are sure of your intent, select two or more runes that represent your goal. 

For this example, I decided to create a bindrune for protection of my home and family. I selected the runes Teiwaz to represent protection and justice, and Othala to represent my home and family.

Using paper and a pencil, draw the runes so that their lines overlay. This is the fun part, so get creative! Try laying them out in different ways and experiment until you like the look. Some people are very careful not to create "extra" runes in the pattern because they believe it can interfere with the binding. Personally, I've never run into these issues, so if my design inadvertently includes runes I didn't expect but it still speaks to me, I roll with it!

Once you have created the design for your bindrune, you can transfer it to a more permanent surface. In the past, they were often carved into stone, but you can draw, paint, or even stitch your design onto an item, and let it start doing its magick! 

Once my design is complete, I like to activate it by literally breathing power into it. I often chant over the design as I create it, then blow on the completed bindrune and speak words like:

With the air of my lungs
and the strength of my blood,
I call on this symbol to
aid me in my journey.

Once completed, you can use your bindrune in a spell, place it somewhere to help attract your intent, or carry it with you. 

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