Harnessing the Power of Snow

Harnessing The Power Of Snow

Every winter I typically retreat into my home and enjoy staying cozy under a warm blanket. Starting this Yule, I'm starting a new tradition. I've vowed to get outside, embrace the cold, and grow my craft. This includes exploring how to harness the power of snow and ice!

When we think of water magic, we tend to think of large bodies of water or rain water, however there is much more magic that can be done with winter water magic!  Snow and ice are transformed states of water so they carry all the magical properties that water does including cleansing, purifying, and healing, banishment, and you guessed it, transformation. Snow and ice help create light in the dark of winter. It can be strong and powerful, but also light, soft and beautiful at the same time.

Heart drawn in snow

It's time to grab your magic snow shovel and dig into winter magic! Here are some ways to use snow and ice in your witchcraft and magical endeavours:

  • Build a snow poppet! Build your snowperson in front of your home and charge them with the duty of protecting your hearth.
  • Procure yourself some graveyard snow. First, ensure you collect it respectfully and leave an offering of your gratitude such as a stone, preservative-free fruit, or a sprig of herbs. Melt the snow and anoint your windows and doorways for protection. Graveyard snow is also a powerful tool when water scrying.
  • Want to get rid of a negative force in your life? Write the name of that force in the snow or carve it into ice. As it melts it will release that negativity from you and take it with it. Both snow and ice will eventually melt and will can take negative energy with them, cleansing and purifying as they go.
  • Cleanse your crystals. When cleansing crystals, melt through a coffee filter to ensure any dirt or debris is removed. 
  • Add snow to your ritual bath to harness its healing and cleansing properties. I highly recommend filtering your snow before adding to your bath.
  • Save your snow for future magical uses. Bringing the tools of one season into another is a wonderful way to honour and unite the energies of two sabbats instead of just one! It is a powerful reminder that the Wheel of the Year is ever turning. I also love to save blizzard snow to use as a powerful plant strengthener when sprouting my cannabis seeds and growing fresh herbs in the spring.
  • Embrace your inner joy. Go for a winter nature walk or cross country ski and bring offerings for the animals that do not hibernate (and pack a pipe for yourself)! Put on your skates and glide across the smooth ice or just lay down and make a snow angel. Have fun with winter instead of hiding from it.
  • Ice Ice Baby! Grab an icicle and use it as a wand. Cast a circle with one in your hand or use in elemental work.



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