Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Twelve - Invite the Light

Candles Self Care Beeswax Handmade Custom Magic

As many other witches can attest, candle acquisition is a favourite hobby of mine. Candles harness the power of fire and the ability to bring transition and change.  Even the basic act of lighting a candle creates a sense of calm in and around me. Today's challenge is simple and focuses on building a zone of relaxation, especially when you "just need a minute".

When you get home, light a candle. Choose an area of your home that recalls loving memories in abundance. Let the light foster tranquility as well as a sense of joy as you heighten your senses and bring peace and harmony to your mind. Let the flame mesmerise you as its soft myriad of colours dance rhymically. Begin a tradition of wishing good into your everyday life.

Try to make this part of your daily routine, but ensure you always practice candle safety!

Green Moon Apothecary Candles:

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Hand Poured Beeswax Travel Candle

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