Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Ten - Sweet Dreams

Green Moon Apothecary Self-Care Challenge Dreams Wisdom Symbols

Dreams are amazingly magickal. They can link us to wisdom through symbolism, link us back to our ancestors through shared knowledge, reveal our intuition which may not be accessible by our conscious mind and perhaps even touch other worlds. Surrealist artist Salvador Dali called it "slumber with a key".

Think of what kind of dreamer you are.

Are your dreams infused with symbols or do they contain pieces of the events from your day?

Do they feel loving or stressful?

Do you remember your dreams or forget them in the rush of the morning?

Are you dreams trying to teach you something or do they seem random and unconnected to your life?

Before you prepare for sleep, place a notebook by and pen by your bed. Ensure you can easily reach it in a half-sleep daze. If your bedroom has been a place of negativity lately, you may want to smoke cleanse the area. To connect with your intuition and subconscious, you might also want to place an amethyst under your pillow as well.

From there get comfortable and ready to sleep.  As you start to snooze, consciously plan to fulfill an objective by setting your intention. For instance, you may choose to talk to the characters in your dream and discover what they represent or maybe you want to morph into a sea animal to assist with conquering your fear of the ocean.  From there, begin your journey by taking small steps into your dream. For instance if you want to conquer your fear of the ocean, you could begin by picturing your consciousness entering the body of a dolphin. Feel the water sliding across your skin as you glide through the ocean. You have no trouble breathing underwater and the water is calm. Picture the sun shining down, sparkling through your watery ceiling as you zip about playfully.  Let yourself fall into the dream until you are fully asleep.

As soon as you wake up, whether in the middle of night or first thing in the morning, try to jot down a few words about your dream. These words will trigger your memory to recall more details of the dream later that day and assist in your dream mapping.

Continue this process each time you slumber and you may find your dream recall will increase and it may even help you find meaning and wisdom from the thoughts, images and sensations you experienced.

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