Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Six - Art Therapy

Choose a creative technique that appeals to you. It could be drawing, painting, collage, colouring, sculpting, woodworking, photography, rhinestone some clothing (did you rhinestone those tights?), making a macaroni statue, a paper bag person... whatever calls your name!

Just like witchcraft, creating art requires focus, energy, and intent. Carve out at least one hour and only focus on your craft. Make sure your art is demanding your full attention. Start with intent. Think of what you want to accomplish, what you want the art to evoke and let that be the backbone of your work.  Don’t overthink it, let the artwork reveal itself. If you want to add a witchy element, paint your intention such as a good job, a happy family, a powerful animal, a rooted tree…. This does not have to mirror what a good job is, it could just be a representation of the feeling of having a good job.

This self-care activity can be a bit daunting as you need to truly devote some time. But I promise you, after you begin a sense of calm will wash over you as you build towards your masterpiece!  All art comes at different speeds, so if you don’t finish your art in one sitting, that is okay too!

Green Moon Original Art: 
Astral Moon Beam Custom Collage Artwork
Green Moon Apothecary Ltd Pin
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